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Great Game Horrible Ai

Beginning players will be able to do a maybe a few rounds on Warlord IV. But much like puzzle quest playing the computer the odds are stacked way against the player 80-90% of the time the computer will get what it needs. In a game where gems should drop at random they don’t on that setting. Beware newbies if you go at it on Warlord IV prepare for a frustrating but still somehow fun time most will probably lower difficulty. Helpful tip use your keys learn your style & cards. Note when you sign up on this page it says your invite code is on hero screen but it’s in setting may want to change that. Still a fun & addicting game with a love hate relationship a lot of game out there for some reason use this method Mk.


‘’ hej iam a new Player and i cant play on hardcore Difficult ‘’

Hi @Dj_Jammer,

Glad you’re enjoying the game, but wanted to let you know there’s NO cheating going on in the AI’s favor - in fact early in the game, and on normal difficulty, we ACTUALLY cheat in the player’s favor a little bit to make life easier.

We wrote an article about the AI here, which you (or anybody reading this thread) might find interesting


Yes I address that & your comment makes my point talking about those would only want to try it on Warlord IV like myself. Don’t get me wrong I can handle it but there are a lot that can’t & many agree still love the game.

Hello Claussanta86 I only play on Warlord IV I known for playing all my games on the hardest setting. I’ve been helping a lot of my friends with their strategies when the get stuck & would be glad to help you out if you like.

Thats going to severely slow down your progress

I respect your drive to be “badass” and always play on the hardest difficulty, I too tend to follow this philosophy. However i do NOT recommend it for this game, playing smart rather then bashing you way through will be more effective.

To clarify that level of difficulty isn’t meant for people just starting, it’s meant for people who already have a number of good decks and traited cards.

You are going to actually DRASTICALLY slow down your progress if you continue to insist on playing on the hardest difficulty. Your friends who are NOT will actually level and progress faster then you.

Hmmm so far they haven’t & I’m blasting through it. It’s not that hard for me at all a lot of my friends yes. I’ve also played puzzle quest 1, 2 & Galactrix. Even my friends that have put it on an easier setting are far behind me. But thanks for the info. An don’t think I’m a badass been just been gaming through all 8 generations & have adapted to them all. If i like a game I want the most out of it & for me that’s how I do it. I also love being the one my friends can go to. ME3 slowing people how to do platinum solo’s. MK9 playing hardest setting with out losing a round etc.

Let us know when you get to the evolved Gorgotha. :wink:

Seriously though, I respect that you play only at the highest difficulty. Personally, I would find that too frustrating with most games.

Will do looking forward my poor girl on the other hand she ready to throw the stick through the TV.

Wow I just made a team just to earn gold & not really win challenges. Because buying & upgrading cities I’m all ways low in gold. To my surprise they are turfing Warlord IV challenges & earning gold . 1 Goblin, 2 Dwarven Miner, 1 Hag love it.

I was not aware the consoles removed the level restriction on difficulties. (Or really early build?) Interesting.

Dj_jammer knows what he is talking about!
I was stuck on warlord IV and barely just started playing the game, talk about FRUSTRATION!!! :persevere: :rage:
He had gave me some excellent advice and hooked me up with an awesome team and as soon as he did that I turfed them out and had no problems since. He really knows his gaming strategies, me on the other hand I was lost in the dark of sheer frustration, but not any more.
Thanks Jamm!!:grin:

The console AI is kinda broke, but in a good way for us players. So I’m not nagging them to fix it lol
Unfortunately, the console devs noticed :frowning:

I don’t think it ever existed on console.