Great! 100 Vkeys , NO Mecha Gnome!

It took my 100 V keys to record this, but NO Mecha Gnome!:rofl::rofl:


Wow, that is bad luck. I don’t remember hearing anyone post that it took them 100+ tries to get mecha gnome. (On the other hand, how many players were holding onto 100+ vault keys to even make the attempt?)

I want to know the specific output of this Vkey, so I made this attempt.

Yikes May31st that is annoying. I went something like 0/35 on mecha gnomes from my vault key stash. You had it even worse.

RNG is a pain in the booty. On Xbox acct went through 42 (includes 15 I purchased) VKs, no Mecha. On the flip side, got the Mecha on my very 1st VK on my pc/mobile account and I only had 15 VKs that I purchased.

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Look at that ridiculous Cedric droprate. I’ve mentioned this before but to no avail. More Cedric’s were added the last time they adjusted the vault key drop pool. Only reason = to artificially inflate the “gem value” of vault keys with useless extra copies of legendarys at the expense of other actual valuable resources. :rage: