GoW's Greatest Tragedy is the Lack of a Shadow Hunter/Tau Love Story Sideplot

What could possibly be more alluring to a warrior obsessed with power than another warrior whose strength grows with her enemy’s?

It seems inevitable that these wandering warriors would eventually cross paths, and likely swords. Slowly coming to terms with the raw power of the crazy panther princess would send Tau into a state of narcissistic adoration. While Shadow Hunter would initially find Tau clingy and obnoxious, enough time spent in forced proximity would make her slowly recognize his noble spirit.

Maybe these wily wildfolk eventually find themselves face to face with a feline’s mortal enemy: A three-headed dog guarding the gates of hell.

Lacking all regard for her own safety, Shadow Hunter leaps into action, immediately disabling one of the inconceivably powerful demon dog’s heads. But in her haste, she neglects to defend herself from the remaining two. As fragile as she is deadly, her death seems all but certain.

The light grows dim as a deafening roar fills the air, echoing across the mountains and shaking the very bedrock of Krystara.

Tau drinks deeply of the fires of hades. His muscles swollen and his veins filled with hellfire, his eyes fixate with single-minded purpose on the doomed entity that dares threaten the object of his affection.

Kerberos didn’t have time to realize the folly of his ways before having all three craniums crushed to a bloody pulp by Shadow Hunter’s enraged admirer.

Shaken from her brush with depth, Shadow Hunter finally realizes the look in Tau’s eyes was not that of childish obsession, but that of undying respect and love. It was at that moment she realized the anxiety that had been knotting her stomach for so long was in fact love, loathe as she was to admit so to herself.

Think about it.



Nice fanfic, 8/10, not long enough.

But as this is in feature requests, this gave me an idea for a request myself.

So every week you notice two things are available, could be a troop or weapon, doesn’t matter. What if each week 1 of the 2 potential rewards has to be unlocked by completing a 3-battle campaign-like story that could involve any kind of troops involvement.

Not just this, but also the possibility of you not being able to choose your own team setup. Your mini-campaign team is already pre-set, increasing challenge and forcing you to play with troops you normally wouldn’t. (Also gives players without particular troops a chance to try them out.)

For this little story you’ve offered, the battles could play like this.

Battle 1:

Help Tau take care of any potential suitors.

Your Troops: Wildfolk Captain Bonus, with potential yellow bonus.

  • Tau (The love-struck)
  • Herd Master (The close-range support)
  • Ranger (The long-range support)
  • Hero (The helper)

Enemy Troops: The suitors. Wildfolk General & Lord of Cats bonus.

  • Pride Hunter
  • Rex Warrior
  • Soothsayer
  • Bul’Tauros

Battle 2:

Tau’s “Date” with Shadow Hunter gone expectedly wrong.

Your Troops: Potential yellow bonus.

  • Tau (The “dating”)
  • Elwyn (The musical accompaniment)
  • Sacred Guardian (The lovable pet)
  • Hero (The helper)

Enemy Troops: The guards. Wildfolk General & Lord of Goats bonus.

  • Blade Dancer (The body guard)
  • Blade Dancer (The body guard)
  • Ragnagord (The body guard)
  • Shadow Hunter (The “dated”)

Battle 3:

Tau and Shadow Hunter team up to stop the summoning of Kerboros.

Your Troops: Potential blue bonus.

  • Shadow Hunter (The beloved)
  • Tau (The belover)
  • Luther (The support)
  • Hero (The helper)

Enemy Troops: The dark ritual. Wildfolk Captain & King of Wolves bonus.

  • Druid (The support)
  • Druid (The support)
  • Fenrir (The summoner)
  • Kerberos (The summoned)

Levels and junk like that are all negotiable. (Except for the hero, obviously.)
So? Does this idea capture anyone’s attention? I know I’d be interested, but I did think it up, so…


Great read!

May I nitpick? My inner editor is drumming on the inside of my skull shouting “Let me out! Constructive criticism!” :wink:

You change tense here all of a sudden, going from present to past. It gives a momentary feeling of strangeness. So I’d bring this into the present as well:
Kerberos doesn’t have time to realize the folly of his ways before having all three craniums crushed to a bloody pulp by Shadow Hunter’s enraged admirer.
And then I’d add some immediacy by removing the “having” and adding an “are” after “craniums”

But! That is personal style, so ignore me and write more :smile:

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I think GoW is lacking some small ridiculous sidequests in general. The possibilities are almost endless.

No it’s a totally valid criticism. I realized it after I finished, corrected some of the worst offenses, then got lazy and posted it.

This was supposed to be a one line post, but my brain started puking out stuff which I just let spill out. lol

Alastair x Sunweaver!

Also, I have this sequence of battles in my head where Elwyn is following every single female character around, serenading their beauty, until they beat him up and he goes off to follow another character…

Funny how posts sometimes write themselves like that :slight_smile:

Tard_Carnival, you are hilarious!

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