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GowDB showing a different account

I don’t know what category to put this under but when I log into my GowDB I have two accounts linked. A pc account and a PS4 account, only today when I have logged in it is showing me someone else’s account from my guild

Never had this problem before. My invite code is still there not the other persons but it will show me their collection and avatar once I click ‘view collection’

EDIT: Just logged into GowDb after opening another browser page and now the correct account is showing :thinking:


Please put GoWDB bugs in the “Community Content” section, as GoWDB is a fan site and not officially associated with IP2 or 505 Games. You can also reply to one of my GoWDB threads or PM me and I’ll take a look. Sometimes, odd behaviors in GoWDB are due to GoW service bugs, which I will pass on to the devs; often, though, the bugs are mine.

In this instance, I’m not sure there is anything I can do to investigate the issue unless it reoccurs. Let me know if it does, and I’ll investigate it then.


Ok, someone seemed to move the problem to the right section, so also here from me the info, i have the same Problem since yesterday(?).

I log in, see mine or allready the collection of someone else. If i refresh the Browser Tab later (no new login), maybe there is again another accounts collection.

Up to now it just occured on Android Firefox, Windows Firefox worked without this problem, if there is a connection!?

Also strange: am in the PS4 Ascension Leaderboard https://gowdb.com/ps/de-DE/extras/ascension
When i had the problem above i also disappeared there. And now i am double listed!? Maybe because someone else has the problem with his account, seeing my collection?

Okay I logged on today and my account is still as it should be only this time the person who’s account it was showing me last night they logged on today and it showed them my account!!

Hi Lyya. This issue is still happening, not every time I log in but 9/10 it is someone else’s account and it’s always the same person.

The person in question is also seeing my account sometimes when logging in too.

Thanks for the report. I’ll see what I can find.

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Thank you Lyya :slight_smile:

I posted this the other day in another thread as well. It seems spotty when it happens. I have wrong one showing again on xbox1.

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Ive tried logging into mine and its now showing me a different players account from a DIFFERENT guild lol. Like wtf?

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I wrote in another thread that I had a similar problem last week. I did a search and unfortunately this thread didn’t come up.

I’d cleaned out my browser cache and site cookies and it didn’t work the first time. Tried it again and restarted my browser this time and it has been fine ever since (Coincidence? I have no idea).

If it happens again though, I’ll report it in this thread.

Thanks everyone. Since the issue seems to resolve itself on refresh, it is very hard for me to track down what’s happening. My guess is that this is an issue with the GoW server I am requesting information from, but there’s a chance it’s a bug on my end. If someone has a case where they are able to refresh GoWDB over and over and still see someone else’s account, please let me know right away and I will try to debug it. Until then, the best I can do is add some tracing info on my site to see if I can get any info after the fact.

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