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Gowdb.com not counting traitstones nor kingdom power


couple of days ago my personal collection on gowdb.com stopped calculating traitstones and power kingdoms.
It looks like:
935 ∕0 1230 ∕0 1266 ∕0

1478 ∕0 618 ∕0 800 ∕0

…and so on. Basically, it looks like it’s not counting the number of traitstones that I need. The list of cards and missing traitstones on the left is somehow correct (or at least looks ok).

The console tells me (all in red, of course):
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined
at m.$scope.getTraitCost (collection.js?ver=1522733235:259)
at m.$scope.getTraitCosts (collection.js?ver=1522733235:270)
at m.$scope.getTraitCostData (collection.js?ver=1522733235:297)
at collection.js?ver=1522733235:719
at m.$digest (angular.js:17286)
at m.$apply (angular.js:17552)
at angular.js:1754
at Object.invoke (angular.js:4709)
at c (angular.js:1752)
at Bc (angular.js:1772)

After clicking on “Kingdoms” tab next to “Traitstones” tab, it… just empty, it’s nothing there.

It looks like the is no data parsed from the cards’ list and traitstones and it’s not compared to my traitstones’ collection. Has anyone else encountered this bug or is it only me to be so unlucky? Where should I report it (there’s no contact page on gowdb.com and it’s not official GOW page)?

(My first post, sorry if I put it under wrong category)

Ah, that’s a bug. I know what’s up; I’ll fix today. Thanks for the report.

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Can you PM me your permalink? On the My Collection page, click “Tools”, then “Get Permalink,” and then send me the URL.

Thank you!

Okay, this should now be fixed, please let me know if it’s still an issue for you.

It was issue for me for past couple days but I thought that maybe there was some change like it was with souls keys etc. But now it is working fine at least for me

Nope, this was just a bug on my end. Sorry!

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Hi Lyya!

The bug is solved, everything works perfectly! Thank you very much!