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GoW won't update, PS4

The latest update downloaded but wouldn’t finish installing. I deleted it intending to re-download but PS4 says i have the latest update already installed.

If i delete the game and reinstall, do I lose any progress?

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if it’s anything like the Xbox One, you shouldn’t lose progress, as I am pretty sure the PS4 cloud saves. That being said uninstalling the game generally doesn’t delete saves from the system anyway unless you ask it to.

I’m also having this issue @Cyrup that my PS4 version of the game won’t update, I even did a complete reinstall still won’t update.

You shouldn’t lose progress as your account is linked to your PS4 account. Try giving reinstalling a go

I have two ps4’s, one has it and one doesn’t, I can play on both so someone can still play without updating.

I already did that, still won’t update @Cyrup. Others on PS4 are reporting the same issue

So the Troop changes will be ineffective.

Silence, their stumped. Good luck on all the fixes, this is usual for update day. Hope everyone showed up for work today.

I had the exact same issue, hoping to see a working patch for PS4 soon.

We’re currently looking into this, and will let you know when we have more info.

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Update file is showing on PS4 now.

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But now I can’t sign in after update completed saying unable to contact the server.

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Same for me

We’re having some issues with the console servers at the moment (separate from the PS4 update issue we believe). We’re working on getting a fix sorted.

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Just to clarify on this, you should not lose your profile when you reinstall.

About the update itself, it’s weird that it would not be installing. After installing the update this morning on our retail PS4 and XB1 devices, the PS4 started the download after clicking Options > Check For Update.. During the download, it did have an issue with downloading and had an error “Can Not Download”. To fix it, I navigated to the Notification button (left most option on the Function area/Function screen).
Inside the Notification menu, there was a Downloading option, which you select that, and should see the Gems of War update. If it has this error, select it using X, then click Resume.
This made the update start downloading again, and installed correctly.

Hopefully this info helps if anyone gets the same issue, it’s something on Sony’s Online Services end, so it’s not something we can easily help with if this is not the problem.

It should be working now on PS4 mine updated successfully.

Mine updated as well.

Shame i missed out on all the gnome goodness, though.