GoW-Tool by MrSnake

I am proud to present you my

GoW-Tool v2.0

The Application is coded in JavaFX, so all you need is Java installed - its no *.exe File, its an executable *.jar File.


  • Complete List of all available Troops (inclusive Glacial Peaks and Apocalypse)
  • Create and Add Heros to the Team
  • Filter Option for Kingdom, Type, Mana-Color and Rarity
  • Mana Preview for selected Team
  • Banner Selection
  • Save and Load created Team Setups
  • Preview of all Bonuses your Team can get (Kingdoms, Types, Mana)
  • Progress Tracker for Kingdom and Troop Levels [BETA]

Coming up Next:

  • Suggestions for the Progress Tracker
  • Maybe TraitStones?!
  • TELL ME WHAT U WANT :wink:


Select Troops from the Table and add them to your Team - you can also create Heroes with a specific Class and Mana Colors. All Bonuses that are possible with this Team will be shown (Kingdom, Type, Mana-Color, Banner). When u save your Team a “teams.sav” File will be created in the same directory, just keep this File and switch the Teambuilder.jar when new releases are available - so your teams dont get lost…

For the Progress Tracker you have to Enter the values you want to check, all entered Data will be saved for next startup in the “progress.sav” File. All Troops with minimum Level 1 are calculated into the Points - if you havent got any Troop yet - just leave the Level on 0.

Have Fun^^




  • new DataBase with actual Troops and Kingdoms
  • added Progress Tracker [BETA]
  • removed Patch Changelog (no more Internet Connection needed)


  • main Data-Source switched from MySQL (Online) to included local Source
  • included additional images for Hero-Classes, Hero-Colors and Rarities
  • small UI tweaks


  • new UI Layout
  • included Changelog with Patch Notes
  • included images for Kingdoms, Mana-Colors and Banners
  • changes on Hero creation


  • fixed issue with Mana Preview while using a Hero in Team
  • added “Prismatic” Color to Hero Colors to use all Mana types


  • Banner Selection included
  • Save and Load Teams from local File

**Download: **

GoW-Tool (on Google Drive)

Feel free to Check for Virus/Malware and Post the result - i have not included anything!

Please give me a Feedback if you find any Errors/Bugs or if you have some ideas for some more Features^^

Have Fun,

Edit: Release v2.0


Keeping an eye on this :wink:

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I volunteer as tribute.

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Wow, seems amazing. Favorited for life! :+1:

No way I’m trusting a download from someone called MrSnake! Lemme guess, the file is called ILOVEYOU?

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Impressive work!

I’m guessing this is strictly for the PC game? Or do you plan to also support the console versions?

How does that differ that much? The stats and balances are mostly the same.

Also, since the Consoles play “catch up”, the data will eventually be outdated as the PC version is usually the most up-to-date.

I am not arguing here, just would like your input. Maybe there’s some things I am not taking into account.

I prefer the resource monitor.

i am not familiar with the differences between the pc and console versions - are there differences in the stats or do they just have less troops?

@Ivar thx dude :wink:

@studs u get a special version from me, please deactivate antivir while using this :stuck_out_tongue:

@killerman3333 what u mean with resource monitor?

what i planned next:

  • i forgot to implement the banners, this feature has high priority now
  • i thinking of the opportunity to switch languages - do u think this would be nice, or unneccessary?

Is there an easy way to find out what troops are available on console as opposed to PC?

EDIT: This is in response to the post below me… no idea what happened there…

Right, the difference – and it’s minor – is that the PC/Mobile versions have a few additional troops not yet present in the console versions, as the console versions of Gems of War are a few content updates behind PC/Mobile. So, if a console player were to use the Teambuilder, they could hypothetically create a team not available in their game.

Would it be difficult to add a filter for PC/Mobile vs. Xbox One/PS4 troops?

Nope - thats no big deal…
I just have to know what troops are not available in console version - then i can add a checkbox selection for the 2 versions of the game. i just remove all mentioned troops out of the table^^

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I want to not only build a team, i want to see myself progressing and build around my progress, and test my teams against other teams with out having to play. Basicly a testing modle that runs itself against itself to find troops that seem to be lacking so i can discover even more twisted teams.

That…sounds like he’d have to build an entire game simulation to achieve. Maybe ask for something within the realm of, y’know, reason?


I want to know how i am progressing using a root tool that can find data of this game in its own files?

Heh I was just thinking that.

Though I think the hard part is not the game simulation itself, it’s not knowing how the AI works/thinks, that would make it difficult.

Sure. Though if you have that tool, you’ve basically written Gems of War, except you’re not getting paid for it.

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can we please focus on topic :wink:

any more suggestions - or maybe bugs found?

Actually you will have access to files that i think are saved on their servers.

I was considering making this feature online, though I don’t know if I’ll have the time for it coming up. In my version I was thinking to add a suggester for the 4th troop along the lines of:

“You are missing red mana, add a red mana troop?” [Dropdown of all red troops]
“You need one more marauder for the marauder bonus (…). Add?” [Dropdown of all marauders]
"You have two blue mana users. Add a blue mana generator? [Dropdown of…well, Valkyrie, I guess]
“You have three green mana users. Add a fourth for the mastery bonus?” […]