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Thank you for all the great team suggestions!

I did not add any of the “Classic Teams” to the list simply because they did not include a gameplay suggestion. If you would like them added to the list, follow the format and give a simple rundown of how to utilize it best. I know we all know and love those teams, but this is a guide for NEW and old players alike and the HOW TO PLAY is an essential element. :wink:

Also, I would be willing to add a defense category if you think it would be useful. If you think I should add it here is what I would ask. They obviously wouldn’t need a how to play, but lable your team as a defense team in your post and maybe include why it works, ie Why the AI plays it effectively.

Thanks again for everybody’s support and sharing!!


@eika Although Whrenchmast is ideal because it adds armor to both bombots and does not fully mana block the flame cannon, it is really just a luxury. You could just as effectively play with Golden Cog, which would actually be more efficient in quickly pumping one of the bombots up before exploding, but mana blocks flame cannon, OR use almost ANY Hero Weapon for variety. The hero is essentially a skull sponge in this deck. :wink:


Two other Exploration suggestions (not for souls!). Both work on Normal, maybe could work even on Hard, but I wouldn’t recommend. The main focus here is quick battles for more traitstones.

Explodation Team (Kraken Banner)

Carnex (***) / Bombot x2 / Mechanist *** (Weapon: Anu's Sceptre / Perk: Power Armor)

HOW TO USE: You main focus is to fill and fire Bombots as soon as you can. If you can’t match Browns (which you should, since a normal 3-Brown match will fill the first Bombot even if you don’t get a Mana Surge, and firing a single Bombot should seal the deal in most cases), you can match either Blue > Red > Purple to fill Hero and Carnex. With Anu Sceptre, you should destroy Browns to fill Bombots. With Carnex, you explode skulls to fill everyone.
Note that they’re all from Adana and all Mech, so they all get +8 Armor boost and start the battle with 50% of their mana filled.
If after exploding both Bombots there’s still someone standing somehow, Carnex should have no problem finishing them off, mainly with Skulls, but possibly even with its ability.

Femme Farmale (Woodland Banner)

Green Seer (***) / Rowanne **(*) / Siren *** x 2

HOW TO USE: Both Sirens should have Empowered, so they can be fired at the beginning of the battle. When choosing a target, pick someone with the colors: Green > Blue > Purple > Yellow. Avoid picking troops that have either Red or Brown, if possible. This will not only fill your troops, but lower the enemies’ overall life. If neither Seer or Rowanne has full mana, fire the other Siren. You might wanna try not to pick the same target as before if you feel like you’ll waste the damage Siren deals, but remember that filling Rowanne is your top priority.
Fire Rowanne as soon as you can. Most of the time, a single cast (Normal Explore) should be enough, especially with Siren’s help. If there’s still someone standing and you have one Siren ready, check if she can finish the job before worrying about filling Rowanne again.
Green Seer is also a great help because she can convert any color to Green, which is used byt the other 3 ladies.


@MakoSipper i think you are suppose to add description about how to play the team for it to be added to compendium :wink:


Sorry, I didn’t know, but now it should be ok. :wink:


EDIT: OP has been updated with @MakoSipper’s two team suggestions.

And just for the record, @Annaerith was correct. Having the How to Play IS an essential element to this compendium. :thumbsup:

Thanks again to all those who have contributed, and I encourage anybody else who is sitting on a SUPER team… SHARE IT! :wink:


My PvP team, works very well against all teams, while still easily collecting 40 base souls:

Volatile Dragons (Abyssal Banner)

Gorgotha *** / Sylvanimora *** / The Dragon Soul (***) x 2

HOW TO USE: Try to match Purple > Red in order to fill TDS1. You might wanna cast it as soon as you can, unless there are 4 or 5-matches. Exception: if both TDS have full mana, don’t match Purple or Red even if it’s a 4 or 5 match. Instead, cast Fallen Stars with TDS1.
Casting priority: TDS1 > TDS2 > Sylvanimora > Gorgotha (Exception 1: If Gorgotha is stunned, frozen or death marked, you might wanna cast its spell first / Exception 2: If you have both Gorgotha and Sylvanimora full and you think Sylvanimora won’t be able to fill TDS1, you might wanna cast Gorgotha first).
Only match skulls if you think it’s really necessary. It’s best to use skulls as bait, since this team can take the hits.
Sylvanimora is a nice damage dealer that can also collect a fair amount of gems, but TDS’ combination of gem collecting and damage is more interesting. Sylvanimora’s 3rd trait is really important, since it can protect Gorgotha if it happens to be stunned. It’s also useful against teams that build Attack, like those with Courage.
Gorgotha not only can collect tons of gems, but it can stop most attacks. If Sylvanimora managed to entangle the enemy, Gorgotha won’t even feel a tickle. She can also take a lot of damage from Attacks from Impervious troops like Manticore. The ability to cleanse itself is also very important, especially against stun and death mark.


My fall back team seems to do reasonably well against most PvP teams I’ve run into. It’s the same one I used during the fantasy series before I went on break. Has the added bonus of not using any legendaries (although it does use 3 non-quest epics)

Greant Death
Dark Elven Banner

Treant ***
Green Seer

Trait comments: Treant’s Stoneskin is the only real important trait required for this team, though having Huge on Swamplash, or Stealthy on Sylvasi won’t hurt. (The only traits I have on this team currently are the 3 Treant ones, and 1 on Sylvasi).

How to play:
You’r looking to fill Green Seer up as soon as possible, as a good match from her will fill up most of the others. If you can’t match Yellow or Purple, aim for filling up Treant as you’ll be able to remove Browns (allowing easier matches for Yellow/Purple) and also get Treant’s attack up for when you start matching skulls.
Swamplash will want to only cast on Entangled targets in most cases (Green Seer usually manages to keep at least one entangled), but you can use him to Entangle the troop in first to keep them from attacking if you happen to get an early brown fill. Assuming you have the 4 magic kingdoms maxed out Swamplash should be doing 16/32 damage per cast at Epic rarity (+1 from Fey captain).
Sylvasi is mostly there to help fill up Green Seer again, and also providing attack reduction support to help keep Treant alive for longer. Ideally you want to only cast him when you can get a 4 match off, and it doesn’t matter too much if you target an entangled troop as your main goal it to just to get Green Seer back up to fill up everyone else and entangle another troop.

In short Green Seer fills up Treant and Swamplash who attack with Skulls and Spells respectively, and Sylvasi helps keeping things moving while providing some support to keep Treant alive (and hopefully have a high attack if the enemy ever manages to get down to him).


EDIT: @MakoSipper and @Ozball PvP teams added to OP


fast paced EXPLORE team, aimed for traitstone farming but with soul gain too (hard difficulty suggested)

The Dragon Soul
Aziris (fully traited)
Aziris (fully traited)

+abysmal banner

total color bonus: +4 purple +1 red -1 yellow
necromancy: +100%

priority: you fill DS possibly with purples then reds, otherwise behemoth, casting DS as a priority otherwise behemoth

2 necromancy traits make even single ds cast grant a lot of souls so even if you dont cap souls its worth to just kill with behemoth and move on to next explore match,

games usually end after 2-3 casts and you fill ds usually after two 3-gem matches so it really goes fast :slight_smile:

edit/ possible team modification:

replace Behemoth >> Giant Spider (traited link)
(little slower game but more stable souls and safer board control)

replace first Aziris >> Pharus-Rah ***
(a little slower game but a tone more souls)

Event "A Dwarven Record" explore teams

Hi Annaerith, I’m sorry but I have to say that I don’t get behemoth in this team! Giant spider is a much better fit. It gives you an extra magic link so you get 8 purple basic for a 3 match, and after you’ve cast TDS the spider can instantly refill TDS for another blast without losing a turn


EDIT- @Annaerith Fast explore team added to OP

That one looks fun, I think I will try it out! Though I might take @Dddd suggestion and throw up a Giant Spider for fast refill of TDS! More souls never hurt anybody! :wink:


Dear @Dddd,
i prefer behemoth as then i dont need to wonder when and which gem to transmute, also behemoth deals noticably higher damage so the whole fight is faster - more traitstones.

also with this new mythic i replaced first aziris with pharus-rah. gonna edit that entry with both modification suggestions

@Dddd 's suggestion and the pharus-rah one :slight_smile:


My offensive PvP team that I have been playing for a few months now. Getting bored with it but having trouble finding anything faster and reliable.

Queen Mab

All fully traited

This team can normally destroy any team in about 4 casts of Behemoth and/or Queen Mab. There is a definite chance for first turn kills though more often it will be turn 2-4 when it finishes off the opponent. The trickiest part is getting use to Soothsayer. He is almost always cast first turn after all 4+ matches are taken. Cast him to create a 4 match, or take as much red and yellow as possible, ideally casting him would create a 3 match of red or yellow. He is important for correcting bad boards and provides the most consistency in ensuring fast games. Tried modifying team with Mercy instead but found her to be less consistent.

Queen Mab should never be cast unless you have 13 Blues+ or it is the killing blow. Behemoth often does majority of the damage getting through impervious troops while being a great tank. It is often best to leave skulls for your opponent as Soothsayer is sacrificial after his first cast and Behemoth can often tank further skull hits thanks to his third trait. With Valkyrie removing colours from the board, you will be surprised with the number of extra turn cascades you will get from Soothsayer and Behemoth. Always cast Behemoth when he is full unless Queen Mab can be cast for an extra turn.

One final thing of note, work on getting all magic kingdoms to level 10 and 5 starred as this is what turns Behemoth into an unstoppable killing machine.


EDIT: @Illithid team added to OP list


It seems like the list is missing earlier game builds. Almost all of the teams have one or more legendaries in them.


@Studs I was considering adding an early team build section, if we felt there was a need.

If you or anybody has an EARLY BUILD (no legendaries but viable for all purpose abuse in early game) then label it as such and I will add an EARLY GAME section to the OP.

My knowledge of early game builds is not great because I lucked into KoS very early and beat that pony like a dead horse… :wink:


There is always the traditional:

Ol’ Faithful

Red/Blue Banner i think?

Been a while since I used the team though.

EDIT: Not sure it really needs Treant’s traits, but they certainly help.


I love this team and am using it now and for the past 6 or so months. I use the +2 red banner to fill up Alchemist because once he’s full, he can pretty much start the chain to fill everyone else (usually, if the board cooperates). The Stoneskin trait for Treant is definitely useful.


EDIT- I added a link to a thread devoted to speed PvP teams.
EDIT- I have added a BEGINNER BUILD Section to the OP and @Ozball’s Ol’ Faithful has been added.

A note about posting a Beginner Build team, please follow the format, include your play instructions, but also make sure that your build does not include a Legendary. You may include a note about which Legendary would work well in place of X troop, but I want the teams in this Beginner Section to be completely attainable in early game and realistically accessible for new players.

Thank you! :wink: