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Some of my favorite 90’s Canadian alt-rock:


They should have shot this video in the winter…


I have heard about this band before with the song:

I really like them! :smiley:


I saw them live last year. The concert was amazing - a true power trio. I don’t like Jeff Martin much as a person, but he is an absolute musical genius/prodigy. Plus, not many people will pull out a hurdy-gurdy or a theremin to play a solo during a rock show…





So what track was topping the charts when everyone was born? Here is mine :joy:


Impossible not to like this one.


So many to choose from 1986…


But topping the charts the day I was born let me see…




Gangsta :sunglasses:


you get this in return @Vangor


@ZooKeeper wow! Impressive cadence frim that little boricua! Very smooth!

@Eika that is one of my favs!


That song was hits for few months here in Indonesia 4 years ago because one contestant in Rising Star (talent searching program like Idol) sang it.


Warning this is legit Gangsta and no frontin



Here ya go… These guys are from my neighborhood concord projects are 2 miles from my house


Today while I was playing gems I listened to the fantastic Mark Lanegan. Blues funeral is a fabulous album and his voice is just delicious. I don’t have enough of his material, I’d highly recommend folks look him up.