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Got to love duplicate mythics(!)

So, from the calendar I got one gem key and for whatever reason, the game decided to just randomly drop the Arachnaean Weaver for no reason… why? Why did it just happen to drop the mythic again when if it wasn’t a restricted pool, it would never happen. That means I’ve got two of this troop which will rot away and do nothing so woo…

It gets me so tilted as seriously, just 1 gem key and that happens! I wish trading was an option as I would get rid of the double along with the double of Ubastet in a heart beat. sigh Well, I’m not opening any chests except Event until the Weaver is no longer the set mythic.

I mean, the odds of a mythic are 1 in 1000 for gem keys correct? So pissed off at it.

Sounds like you’ve already got the solution down.

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Considering I opened many chests before during when Suna was the only one, I never had a duplicate appear but yet, Weaver decides to troll me and appear from the calendar gem key… sigh Just… bad odds…

Weaver is still exclusive as its from that Friday release to the following thursday. Events keys are the only keys that ignore the exclusivity of the mythic.


Sadly, I don’t see trading coming anytime soon (if at all) as a lot of people said it just simply wouldn’t work well. If you don’t believe me, go to this thread i started about trading.

Yeah, @Zuboki is right. Most players figure out real quick if they don’t want duplicates of the restricted mythic, they shouldn’t open keys that can drop the restricted mythic.

It could be implemented to only drop one, but consider how that’s a double-edged sword: someday there might be a mythic that works well with duplicates. Then you’d be upset if you got it early and had to wait a whole 3-5 weeks before getting another shot at it.

Your very lucky to get duplicated mythics