Google Play Store Refund

If you bought the recent campaign pass then you are entitled to a full refund at this time. Google’s policy is that you have to request the refund from the developer directly.
Please send your refund request by email to:

Here is the policy that shows Gems of War has to issue a refund or they are in violation and may be removed from the app store.


Wow… there’s no running away from this.

Disclaimer: Refunding digital purchases often leads to your account being closed. There’s not much to say how it would go down with GoW but it should be known that it is a risk.
If you’ve used items from the purchase especially - and hard to claim you haven’t used the stat points from the campaign.

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So after They take your money and They fail to deliver (again) on the promised product, They get to penalize the customer for wanting their money back for breach of contract?

…sounds like something IP2 would do indeed
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We are able to send through any items if there is an issue with a purchase and fix the issue causing the purchase issue. In the instance of the current Campaign Weapon, it is currently in your account data and once the fix is released it will appear asap!

From there, if we are unable to get the item to you and you are after a refund, these are handled by the platform directly.
The screenshot above is one part of Google Play’s refund options, for complete information on Google Play Refund policy and the links for the other platforms are here;

Apple Support: Contact - Official Apple Support
Google Play Support: Google Play Help
Steam Support for a refund here:
PlayStation Support:
Xbox Support:
Nintendo Switch Support:

Update to this, the fix has just gone live


If it had been 30days since they were made aware of the issue and still no solution or equal compensation was found then yes you would have a case.
But you can’t do partial refunds so refunding the whole campaign could be a risk as you can’t prove you haven’t used other items from the purchase.

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Does ‘4 or 5 campaigns with the exact same issue’ count as more than 30 days?
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Party poopers. I’m here with popcorn watching how @awryan pulled out the angry mob troop and now it looks like it’ll get devoured :popcorn::thinking: