Google Play GoW votes

I dont like how the devs are deaf for community complain about last UI upgrade.

I hope google store will tell them the true
4.6 → 4.5 stars


It’s not just Google, it’s Steam too:

I don’t like the idea of review-bombing to protest individual issues within the game, but I have to concede it’s literally the only feedback tool available to end-users that also compiles countable metrics for the company.


Do you think this is review-bombing? Based on what I’ve seen on discord servers and in-game chats, these might be reviews from real people.

Might the devs ignore these reviews just kike they did with hundreds of forum messages?

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No, not necessarily. Rather, it bugs me when people use a system intended for scoring the entire game just to comment on a single current issue. It’s not what reviews are supposed to be for, though I do understand why it happens. It’s also compounded by the perception that store platforms don’t allow you to post time-sensitive user reviews…

If I had to score this game based on my entire experience, I’d actually lean positive. If I had to score it on just the v7.0 update in its entirety, I’d probably be neutral. If I was only rating the v7.0 changes to the UI, you bet it’d be sharp and critical.


I update my review every game update and make sure to add a description on why i scored it the way i did, with overall positives and negatives.

Reviews can be used for many things, including looking at sharp declines in user satisfaction. I’m not sure about steam but in google play you can sort reviews by most recent and go backwards. I always look at reviews before i download a game, both positive and negative and i tend to disregard the ones with no explanation or reasoning. It works for me to get an overall idea of the state of the game in the past and how well it might go in the future.

Seems like there is very little or no response from the players here that voice their opinions, including ones that have made an account or started using their years old account again to speak out about this latest update. I feel like that should be something that potential players should know, which is why i include that point in my review as well.


I would like everyone who disagrees with the UI improvement to change their rating from 5 stars to 1 on Google Store or Steam platform like i Did. Its cost You 3 minutes. Devs are for us. Not we for them. I remember Puzzle Quest 1, i have been playing Gow since 2017 now im out