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Good luck? Council of Blunders related

If enough folks buy it will it generate enough “good luck” to make the devs come to their senses about Council of Blunders?

Y’all have no idea the impossible situations you put your guild managers in. If I require the event next month. Then it’ll upset folks who are fully aware of what a train wreck this months is. (mind you only 24 hours into it).
But if I don’t require it, then it causes dissent in the ranks because surely there will be folks who try to close the portals themselves while others don’t even try because they are disgusted by the Shop/Portal rewards design.
Saying that “it’s a guild option” is correct, but the players also have the option to “uninstall” if you want to play that game.

Clearly Invasions and Raids shops have been profitable enough over the years to keep everything “new” basically a carbon copy of those events. Please don’t be greedy and stubborn by choosing not to adjust the portal points this week. Compromise and base the guild rewards on the average of everyone in the guild buying Tier 5. That is… If you even know how many skulls that would be.

And please keep in mind. You have 2! Guild events running this week so actually be considerate of your players time. Rather than just focused on taking their gems and money. Don’t tell me I’m wrong (if a dev decides to address this post) SHOW ME I’m wrong by making decisions that improve the community’s happiness while the world forces them to find entertainment and happiness in their own homes.
I wish I could be so crass as to compare the new event to the Corona Virus. But it’s a serious matter that in no way can I compare with a video game. That being said… The Letter C isn’t the only thing Council of Chiefs and it have in common. I’ll leave it at that.


Man, I’ve told my guild just to do what they normally do, as if this event were scored and bought into like raid and invasion. They’ll either come to their senses, or they’ll have the impact you mentioned. I have gone so far as to tell my people that I do not want them making any purchase aimed at getting enough gems to finish this week’s event rewards. If it falls apart, **** it. I’m tired of people being irritated with me for pushing harder and ever harder still.

They know exactly what kind of pressure they’re putting on us, IMO. We are their proselytizers. They increase demands, we increase demands, they make more money. It has to stop somewhere, and moving towards requiring over $100 usd per week worth of gems to finish the primary event, and God knows how much else to finish rewards in weekend events, is going to be the end of it for me, and for so many other spenders in my guild. They’re like these heroin dealers that add OD doses of Fentanyl to a few packages. If it kills someone, so be it. The money will come in much harder elsewhere.

They can show they care by fixing the reward tiers to a much more reasonable level, or they can stick by their guns and show that they don’t. This week is going to be pivotal for my guild and I. We’re ranked 39, and though we are regularly amongst the top 15 guilds in trophy production on Xbox, I have a hard time finding people without being able to say “we complete all guild events.” I’m down a player this week, and I would feel like a liar saying “we always finish guild events.” Despite being top 10 in Tower of Doom and Bracket 1/2 in guild wars, event completion is the only selling point.

Council of Blunders indeed.


I suggested (I’m not the leader) to my guild that we only buy the weapon because closing stage 12 looks like it requires everyone in the guild to purchase tier 6 or 7 and that’s unreasonable.


If the devs had wanted to adjust the paradigm so that very few guilds could complete the rewards tiers, I would have had no issue with that, provided that the rewards that could reasonably be earned in the event equated to what we’d usually expect to receive. They didn’t do that. The rewards are the same as they’ve always been, except now you just won’t get them all. Typically, I find that I buy further into the shop than most of my guild mates, and that’s okay, because we complete all of the reward tiers as a guild. Now, there’s really no point in ever buying beyond the weapon tier. The sad fact is that I did it this week out of habit, before I realized that (suddenly) my guild would never be finishing an event again. It doesn’t matter how active a guild is, if you don’t have 30 players willing to drop a ton of gems in the shop every week, you can’t complete the event. The only factor that will determine a guild’s success in an event is whether everyone in your guild is willing to cough up the dough. I’m disgusted, and for the first time in over a year, I’m looking for a new game to take up my time.


They forgot to give us a St. Patrick’s day adventure board, but they sure remembered to ask us for $9.99.


This travesty of an event has me at the exit, and I’m so close to stepping through to freedom.

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I would say “Council of Thieves” is more accurate. As they just seem out to steal your money, at this point.

Yeah, that’s what we’ve been going with as well. Expecting people to buy 6 to 7 tiers per event is ridiculous. Especially, with how few gems they give you in the actual game.


I bought tier 4 and hopefully we will complete stage 11. This will give me 2 medal of seasons. Next event however, I will only buy tier 2 and craft the new weapon (if there is one)

why even tier 2 at that point though? no new troop

To make the battles go quicker lol. Also I think stage 9 might be possible if everyone gets tier 2 so you’ll get back 55 gems.


Now that I’ve started playing the event, I find the reward thresholds annoying as well. Such odd numbers.

Even if there were Wolf pelts for 1 point in the beta, just keep everything even. As soon as someone in the guild fails vs Raid boss, the guild’s points are an odd number. It doesn’t mean stage 7 should be 6,981 dmg done though. Or 14,046 for stage 8.

And of topic, but the next time this game asks me to register for GW…

Also, no doubt that 4/5 matches don’t count for points unless they are Blue. I’ve got a ton of 1 skull clears. :axe::rage::shield: