Good ideas for the event? (Prince Azquila)

Anyone have any good teams using Prince Azquila for the PVP event? He’s not super exciting but double trait stones would be nice.

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I just put him in my main team that works quite well with 3 troops only (2*Kryst, TDS):

Prince mostly just sits there gathering dust… well, damage. :wink: I only fire him when there’s a dangerous enemy ready to cast and he can one-shot him while no one else can. But he’s tanky and blocks only one mana, so no big deal really.

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Hi Zack,

usually for the “use this troop in PVP for bonus” you just run a 3-man build and squeeze the troop as fourth.

I personnaly go with :

  • Valkyrie
  • Justice
  • Queen Mab
  • Whatever (can be placed 1st if doesn’t use red, yellow or blue, or second if it doesn’t use blue)

And similar to what gems collector proposes :

  • Whatever (if not using red/purple)
  • Dragon Soul
  • Krystanax
  • Whatever

I think this should also work :

  • Jarl
  • Hellcat
  • Whatever

and this too :

  • Alchemist
  • Infernal King
  • Terraxis
  • Whatever (or first if not using yellow, red, brown)

@Tacet has a video covering that :

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If i hit a one or two-troop opponent or a generally wimpy team, I use:

Prince A
Elspeth ***
Loyalty (or your favorite Green-only person if you don’t have her fully trained)

First turn, Elspeth kills Loyalty and charges Rowane. Then you kill everyone with Rowane. Prince Azquila is only there to soak up any damage if Elspeth doesn’t get an extra turn. Works for most troop-of-the-weeks too. Usually I put them at the back of the team though.

I really like this one it works even better then my double kraken to grind through explores on low difficulties

Astral Spirit***
Astral Spirit***
Astral Spirit***
Prince Azquila

Set a weak solo def team, look for solo teams in PvP. If there’s no such option, use another team. Rinse and repeat.

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Like @gronyon77, I just inserted him into one of my existing teams. In this case:

Prince Tequila / 2 x Courage / Bone Dragon

I’m currently 365-3.

Infernal King

Works just fine. It’s a bit slow but fairly dependable…

I’ve been having fun with

Prince Azquila
Infernal King
Dark Maiden
Dark Troll

Prince tanks and does direct damage and periodically enhances everybody’s attack, Dark Maiden pumps up his life and rushes different mana colors, Dark Troll rushes Infernal King’s mana, and Infernal King rushes Dark Maiden and cranks out skulls. I’ve had better teams, but this works well enough.

I find these ‘use one troop in pvp’ tasks a bit trivial, as there are plenty of three-troop combos that can win with the task troop in the Aunt Doris slot, either as a flesh shield in front or simply ignored in behind.

I think the system would be far better (though harder, so reward thresholds should be lower) if you had to use the troop meaningfully, like ‘cast its spell twice’ or ‘kill something with its spell’ and so on.

Events should reward diversity: it doesn’t count as diversity if we just use the same team every week with a different task mascot tagging along.