GONADS Guild looking for active members

We of the GONADS guild are currently searching for new active members.

Level: 49
Rank: 800+

We were a private guild with just some friends but we’ve hit the limit of what 3 people can achieve (at least what us 3 can) and we’d like to invite in more people so the guild can advance and progress.

If your interested then send me your invite code or just search for GONADS as we’re now open recruitment instead of private.


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Loving the name! Bump for you.

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I thought it was a load of balls :grin:
Oh bollocks.

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It can also mean Ovaries. Anyway, personally I think is stupid name, juvenile kids and I be embarrassed join guild with such name.

I didn’t name it but everyone in the guild is just a big kid so your point is valid, if you dont want to join because of the name thats fine, not having someone who likes being a keyboard warrior is no loss for us :smile: