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Golden Gunners are recruiting 29/30 ... LTs + 40K Seals EVERY WEEK

!! Golden Gunners are recruiting !!

We are a active guild and climbing the ranks fast. In just 141 days we are Rank 152.

None active players will be kicked.

We are a friendly chilled guild who hit 40K seals and Legendary Tasks EVERY WEEK !

What we are after:

  • 100 Trophies
  • 100K Gold
  • 1000 Seals
  • Event Participation

Are you sick of being in a dead guild or a guild that requires none stop PVP ?!?!? If so then Join Golden Gunners.

If interested DM me on here or drop message me on Xbox Live Gamer tag = Edd 435

Rank 150 1 spot available

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