Golden Gunners 29/30. Active Guild hit 40K Seals, Close all portals


!! Golden Gunners are recruiting !!

Are you sick of being in a dead guild or a guild that requires none stop PVP ?!?!? If so then Join Golden Gunners.

We are a active guild Currently 111 and climbing the ranks fast.

We are a friendly chilled guild, hit 40K seals, Close all Portals and Legendary Tasks EVERY WEEK !

None active players will be kicked.

What we are after:

  • 150 Trophies
  • 300K Gold
  • 1000 Seals
  • Event Participation

If interested DM me on here or drop message me on Xbox Live Gamer tag = Laldogg


Rank 111. Chilled guild who do it all including Guild Event Portals.

Looking for a Team Player.

1 spot available.


Let’s bump you to the top


Rank 104. 1 spot at Reset message me if interested.


Any spots available? I am looking for a more active guild.


RANK 93 and Rising needs 1…


Lets bump this post, helping a friend out ***


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In need of one again… Easy Reqs for a guild who do it all. None stop PVP is not required like most.


Do you still need one?

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1 spot available.


Rank 84,close all portals, tons of LTs, 40K Seals needs 1.


Looking for a few players to join us and help us rebuild!


Contact Laldogg if you wish to join, currently ranked 87th and looking for 5 new members

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Come help us rebuild!

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Looking for some players to help us rebuild!


Now rank 82nd and looking for 2 players, contact me. Door open for lvl 500+


Up to rank 76 on trophies, finished last tower of doom in 28th with 3 empty seats, looking for more active members to become a part of our long term core group of players