Gold rewards are doubled through the weekend

I’ve got good news for any cash-strapped Gems of War players:

This weekend all gold rewards throughout the game will be doubled. This includes both the gold you receive from purchasing bundles via the in-game store, as well as gold earned through standard gameplay.

Enjoy your new wealth!

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Holy cow are you serious? That is amazing! (i am a pc user so this does not effect me but hey i am happy for console users.)

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It’s for everyone. There was a PC/Mobile announcement… yesterday?

This is true i was just expressing my joy to the wastland that is the console version.

Came on to post a thank you since I noticed I was getting a lot more gold while PvP’n.

Thank you @Nex & @Mr.Strange!

No problem.

It’s a crime that there isn’t a “delicate curtsey” emote in these forums, so instead have a :smiley_cat:

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