Gold keys plan?


Sin of Miraj will probably be the lastest kingdom for as least a year. That also mean hoarding thousands of gold keys for new kingdom every 3/4 months won’t be a thing for a while. So I’m curious about what is other players’ plan for spend them. Please help me decide!

  • Nothing. Gotta save them just in case.
  • Saving untill reaching X, then open the rest.
  • Open once in a while for extra gems and more glory to buy event keys.
  • Open them ALL!! (until more info is available)

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Only buy a few copies of new commons and rares in glory shop and every few months ascend them to mythic with the gold keys.


Like you, I hadn’t decided yet. I blew all mine on Sin of Miraj, so I’ve got a while of building up before I have to decide anyway.

I suspect at some stage I’ll work out (if some nice forumer doesn’t do it first) how many Gold Keys I need to pretty much guarantee maxing new Commons in a new Kingdom and then use the rest above that cap. Up until now, I’d been using a combination Gold Key/actual Gold reserve against new Kingdoms, but the Underworld might chew up more Gold so I think a full Gold Key reserve will be optimal given the new Kingdom delay.


With the new system, players only have to have 1 copies of all troops to reach 5 stars, rarity doesn’t matter much unlike previous system. So in Sin of Miraj, I only open them just for getting Sloth to Mythic, as rare cards will come later from glory keys in monthly Mythic opening, the rest is covered by Event keys.

I think the number is around 50K, but with more common/rare troops being released, it might get bigger. That’s why I leave it as X in the poll.


I took sloth to mythic and the rares only JUST made it to legendary. Iirc it was 30k keys.


Some of us like to compete on the GoWDB Ascension leaderboard. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Fleg, I think I used around 30,000 gold keys too, and then used glory keys to get the Rares to mythic.


The Sin of Miraj rares took way too much effort to make mythic. I’m not opening Gold keys again until I need to. Maybe I’ll hit 100k+ Gold keys…


It’s “Sin of Maraj”.


Oh… Can I blame auto correct? :smile:


meh. Still a Mirage to me.


I rarely spend gold keys for anything so no big deal to me.


Do you really think we won’t get a Kingdom for a year? I’m guessing we will have another Kingdom before Easter.

Or on Easter.

Bunny Kingdom.


I only used ~30k for SoM. I haven’t decided but likely my “X” will be between 30k and 50k


The devs plan to concentrate on the Underworld and factions. There are plans to add 1 faction per month, so it would take more than 2 years to all factions to each overworld kingdom.