Gold generation

Hi I’m back after a year of being offline. Have new game on ps4, level 647. Is gold amount generated by the level of explore run you’re on? No matter what team I use, it always results in the same amount of gold. I’m using Essence of Evil, Empeinazara, Greed and Queen Beetrix. But even if I use Leprechaun or Cedric or Egg thief (etc.) all together, I still get the exact same amount of gold in the end. Why? They obviously gain more in battle because Emperinazara is always raising their magic level.

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Resources in battle are capped - at the top of your battle screen is gold, souls and treasure maps.

Gold is normally 0/100
Cedric buffs it by 100% with his 3rd trait so the total jumps to 0/200

So you can gain up to 200 gold with Cedric in your team.
But on top of that your bonuses get multiplied, armour and VIP for Gold bonus.
Also the difficulty level of the explore is added, you can see the values when selecting difficulty of your explore run.

Oh ok… thank you!