Going to underworld

Hey everyone.
My partner completed all quests required for unlocking underworld. Does she need to complete the challenges in each world as well or what is wrong here?
She loves GoW and its annoying she can’t get any further.
I hope you have some answers for us it would be much appreciated.

She needs to complete World Quest that unlocks the Underworld.
In the games menu, she should look for a tile entitled “World Quests” and see if she’s got one available there.
If she has that World Quest completed and the Underworld is still not visible, submit a support ticket here: https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

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Just to make sure - do you mean she’s completed this level 70 quest?

(Or do you, by any chance, mean
To unlock the Underworld complete the:

  • Blackhawk
  • Wild Plains
  • Leonis Empire
  • Sin of Maraj
    Kingdom group Questlines.
    which is outdated information in official game guildes that nobody in CX team seems to be able to update to reflect reality.

After completing above mentioned level 70 quest, this location should become available (hitting Krystara button in bottom-middle on the screen)

Each faction (town) in here costs 4,000 gold to unlock and requires 7 quest battles to be finished in order to proceed further.

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Thanks alot!