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Gnome Weekend is a colossal waste of time

I’ve been doing explore battles for the last hour and I’ve had ONE gnome. Since opening this post, I’ve done four battles, no gnomes. Now I understand that RNG is RNG, but Gnome Weekend is a once a month thing, and when the rate of gnomes feels like it’s non-existent still, it’s not a fun experience. I’d rather just close Gems of War and do something else.

In other words: Right now, Gnome Weekend is feeling no different than any other day of explore. But realistically speaking, the devs could ‘tweak’ the numbers and lower the rate of gnome appearance and no one would know the difference, because devs could just say “Oh, RNG is RNG” and lie about lowering the rate.

After all, it’s not advertised how often gnomes appear normally and how often they appear during a gnome event.

They added the “pity vault key” thing so people who kill lots of gnomes but never see a vault key, because RNG, still get vault keys. That only works if gnomes actually show up in the battles though.

Whatever. Closing Gems of War. Waste of time.

Gnome Weekend is supposed to encourage players to spend more time in game. That doesn’t work when the event is unnoticeable (and the bug with pet battles hiding the counter STILL HASN’T BEEN FIXED!)


Same here and was just coming to make a “hey, did you forget to turn the gnomes on or am I having a simply terrible run of luck?” post.

I got a pet gnome in my first PvP battle; but nothing since in an hour of explore battles.

(and OF COURSE having said that I got a treasure gnome in the very next battle)

I’ve had a nice amount of gnomes, but getting more of them from the vault rewards is infuriating, and this is my biggest concern with the game, I need all the resources and I get a platoon of Cedrics… I have never complained about the game, but the vault prizes really piss me off, I don’t need gnomes!!!


Looks to be within reasonable amount of variance, not the best ever but not too bad either.
Friday last time around was way worse (I even thought - this has got to be THE worst vault weekend ever), but it picked up the pace and got in line with other vault events by the time Sunday ended. So - I see nothing to complain about currently, as far as I’m concerned.

Also, “hour of explore” (or whatever game mode) rubs me the wrong way - it’s a meaningless expression as it gives zero information about the number of gnome-eligible games, zero information about time one spends looking at the ceiling, drinking coffee, daydreaming and whatnot in-between actual explore battles.


I agree and not at the same time.

The community has tested the gnome rates enough to confirm that the rates are definitely better during gnome weekend. Also, I think the rates are consistent from event to event (though I’m not positive, I don’t pay that close attention).

Personally, I only care about pets. I don’t care about vault keys. The drops are too random, new stuff gets added no one knows the drop rates of and can’t test because it changes, and there’s too many worthless drops (any orb besides ascension or power, small amounts of gold, souls, etc).

During gnome weekend, farming pets is still slow. I’d prefer the pet gnome rate during gnome weekend to be its normal rate, and then up it more during gnome weekend.

Alternatively, have a pity counter on specific gnomes. Making up numbers here, but the first PvP fight maybe has a 1% chance of pet gnome. Next fight, 1.5%. Keep upping it until a pet gnome is found, then reset it. Or, a guarantee of one pet gnome per 20 fights. I understand that on average, we know how often we’ll find a pet gnome. But, that’s just an average, and an unlucky streak can still happen which is frustrating.

Circling back to OP’s

If I knew for sure I’d get a pet gnome every X number of battles, or its rate was increased, I’d do it. Since it isn’t guaranteed, and I’ve spent several hours even during gnome weekends without a pet gnome, I don’t always bother and go play another game.


In my guild gnome weekend is all about pets, we usually have a pet rescue event every hour for vault weekend. I have had great luck some weekends and horrible luck others. I mostly enjoy them for not having to worry about a extra event that weekend and saving gems


I wholeheartedly agree. I don’t know who likes RNG. Not me. I’m not engaging in gnome weekends anymore, I find it too frustrating. I plotted out the data a while back, but it’s perfectly reasonable and happens often that you get a gnome once every 100 battles. Yuck. Just yuck.


This is the kind of thing that is just stupidly annoying. “It’s okay because you did 20 battles with no gnomes, but then you got back to back gnomes!” I know gnomes are random, but they certainly don’t have to be on gnome weekend. Ravens aren’t random at all for instance. No one out there is getting twice as many ravens as someone else. It can be that a raven is delayed by a battle or two, but then the odds of finding a raven increases to where it’s forced. I have 100% tested this. For instance in invasion event, I would buy 20 sigils for 500 gems and I would always get 40 battles out of it because of ravens.

Arena event isn’t random either. You get X points based on your wins.


My first gnome and lycan gem of course infects gnome and turns it next move. should I ignore lycan gems and let them mess my team to have a chance at gnome?

Do we even have an ETA when will we get that lycan gem fix?

Because I was having fun until this campaign started and slowly I’m considering finding new game to waste my time and money on…

To many winning matches turned to loss because of lycan gems, and unlike some i got zero positive experience with lycan gems.

Wait, if Lycan transforms a gnome, you don’t get the gnome rewards or progress toward keys?!

Gnomes, ravens, and halfing level like transform will be fixed in 5.6. Date? Who knows.

Yep. But don’t worry, this isn’t a bug, it’s a QoL issue! /sarcasm


Ok oops I exaggerated a bit. But still. I would much rather it be a normal distribution around 10, IF it has to be RNG.

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