Gnome Weekend <== BS

Why is it that during an “Event” Gnomes are extinct? Even when playing in Explore with a Sunbird team 3 gnomes say hello an hour & THIS is a Gnome Event? Come on what is with the Makers already? You seem to let battle crashers to show up so I am sure you can make Gnomes show up just as much & if your worried about to much rewards, you guys nerfed em already… 100 souls, 2 minor TS, 2 Diamonds… come on already… If you get a Vault Key, you’re in their Vault… Hello… Vault=Treasure.!!!

Instead we get the Gnomes moldy footlocker with left over treasure we can farm all on our own & a hell of a lot quicker too… Stop it Already…

Vault = Treasue!!! Not useless resourses… Come on Already… Geez…

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About that look like some kingdoms are “cursed” or smthing.

I wanted trait Garuda today but in none of the 3 kingdoms that drop his arcanes got any gnome (and i spammed quite a bit).

If i explore leonis empire instead i get LOT of them.

Last event was kinda the same with myst of scales not spawning gnomes (none in the whole time it took me trait… hum, shadow dragon i think it was) while stormhein was full of them.

Just try for a bit different kingdoms (for that one i will stick to leonis :p)

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Gotta say anyway i totally agree with the thread title, 50+ gnomes, 20+ arcanes dunno how many lvls of Orbweaver and 1 char lvl for a whopping total of 1 vault key., and then from vault isnt that you get only god know what.

May be my luck way below zero, but changed my mind, wont stick to Leonis Empire, gonna stop nodding over the joipad and go play something fun lol.

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