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Gnome-A-Palooza Guide

I can think of about 10 ways to nerf this, and I expect all 10 to be implemented when I wake up later.

I really don’t understand how this exists.

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I suspect it might take them a while to notice the side effects, like shop sales dropping to zero due to lack of demand. At that point it’s no longer going to matter what they implement to nerf it.

Just finished a 1 hour session and came away with 94 vault keys and 8 epic vault keys.

My verse inventory is also looking pretty healthy.

Verse 1: 21
Verse 2: 14
Verse 3: 21
Verse 4: 11

Hereinafter, guild chat responses may take an average of 15 minutes to come through.
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I’m going to leave this weekend with over 100 GAPs ready to go. I’ll never not be in GAP mode again.

The new gnomes really shouldn’t spawn during an active GAP. Isn’t the flavor that they’re busy playing their instruments - that’s why the music plays for the event?

Hopefully this is as far as they will go when adjusting the feature…

…unless the other shoe is still to drop.
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By the time they fully realize they’ve just slaughtered their cash cow they won’t have much options available. If they want to keep the game running they’ll go for a full rollback, if they want to move on to Puzzle Quest 3 they’ll keep it as it is.

1 hour run
verse 1 is my problem

We’re maxing at 236 gnomes per GaP with Sister Superior, Dust Devil, Ironhawk x2 (3 Orpheus, to avoid Anu/Nysha animations): any better numbers/recommendations out there? Is loading faster on PC?
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…did you look at your inbox? They gave everyone 3 copies of Verse 1. That’s to incentivize people to buy the rest. And the way the flash offers work is that they have different tiers, which are justified by the increasing amount of gems, not the rarity of the verses.

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I am LOVING GaP - it’s been the best addition to the game in a long while. Great fun, great resource builder - absolutely no complaints at all


It IS possible to get mana surge/verse gnomes during a gnome-a-palooza, but they are much more rare, so the chances of indefinitely looping are lower, but possible.

2 minutes left on mine… got this, and was able to create another gnome-a-palooza with 1 minute left on the first one.

I only start GoP once , it is looping. 10+ Gops and stil got verses for 12 more.

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Gotcha, that makes sense. Thanks.

What I started with before making this last Gnome-a-Palooza:


I spent 1 of each to make it, bringing the total to 7/8/6/9 (so I wouldn’t waste time taking a screenshot while the clock was ticking). What I ended with:


In 15 minutes I gained 1x Verse 1, and 5x Verse 4. After a second run:


A gain of 2x Verse 2, 1x Verse 3, and 3x Verse 4.

cracks knuckles

Well well WELL.

I’m going back in.

Sure feels like the gnome drop rate has been nerfed…almost 2 straight hours of explore and only 2 gnomes, 1 reg and 1 glory. Zero new ones.

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Weird, I’m getting 4x gnomes every battle.


aaaaand looping is gone:

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surprise,1st after event