Gnome-a-Palooza Changes

On some aspects i will agree that claiming to be the best may be too much since there is not an all accepted way of measuring the best. However some do see highest trophy per week or highest pvp points per week as a criteria since everyone knows how its messured and everyone can do it.
(Also a small correction. Its far from just 0 skills and just time since you still have to do the right judgement even after 12h. If all think the top player just getting 0815 teams at 1t and can spree it over fast then they are greatly mistaken since what you get as t3 is in some instance what we get as t1)

But we are really off topic. However that little pvp thingie shows that i can go over hours and days with same speed.
→ and it is in my believe and opinon that the current nerf as it is atm, is an unfair nerf against the whole community base and IP2 should rethink of that instantly.
→ Furthermore they should make its clear that the nerf happens because too much gems are generated and not because top players are too fast with clearing.

(and i dont take any offense of you asking why i think as i think. In fact tahts fine. I even can post power leveling from 1-1000 in 1 week but not sure if that would mean much either with some people around here oO)

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Obviously that is his definition of skill. :joy: :joy: :rofl:


I will just say that you should do it then. Then you can judge if it really is just 0 skill or not

If I said I was the worst GoW player would that spawn another ridiculous argument?

Random stranger said they were the best at something:

How dare you have a positive outlook of yourself!


So apparently 78 battles (5.2 bpm) is possible during a GAP. Love to see proof of that.

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This is exactly my logic in the thinking for the matter low level’s are to be hurt by this an going to be dismayed and left out it’s not going to affect high level’s at all because they’ve already got enough resources to not even need the GaP.

I think what we can take away from today is that people’s definition of what is best is different to different people. But ‘best’ clearly doesn’t mean the same as pleasant, likeable or nice to be around!

In other news - GaP has been super fun this weekend and I found my last music gnome, good old elusive Cindi Savagelips!

I hope most people have had rewarding and productive weekends too


For the record, you can increase your speed in the game by about 20% using a touch device over keyboard/mouse.

Let’s not forget that Australia has had a full work day on Monday already and not a single word from them here

Other than something like “working as intended” I don’t expect one. In a week or two people will have moved on to talking about something else. They’re waiting it out.

It is exceedingly rare that a nerf is adjusted after the fact. Our choice is to play GAPs or not and that’s really it.

I won’t be surprised if either the drop rate of Vault Keys is nerfed or Vault rewards themselves are nerfed, though. Even after the changes there are probably higher-ranking people that view the system as too generous.


They still need to answer our questions about what is too fast and what is too easy. It’s unacceptable to leave this go. I’ll bump this thread every single day if I have to.

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In the past they’ve usually avoided showing up at all on the forum for about a week whenever something wasn’t received well. It’s very unlikely they’ll ever be seen near this topic again, they’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist from now on.


Being unacceptable to players and being unacceptable from a business perspective are two different things. A lot of veteran players have seen this become more and more standard, unfortunately.

In other words, we may want an answer, but no…they don’t “need” to. Even if they do it’ll likely be generic boilerplate hand-waving anyway.


It is our job as customers to make it clear to them what we expect and I don’t feel like we are asking much here…

I’m okay with the nerf. It is what it is. I feel for newer players tbf, but…it could not continue in terms of resource aquisition.

I’m not okay with the turn going to the AI with potions and silence on the subject, and then the nerf being fixed.

I’m not okay with the predictive move, where the gems move before you move them, which still hasn’t been fixed.

I’d sooner core, basic issues about turns and moves be fixed over broken content being added, fun or not.

I did okay with the Gap, 19 Gaps, 0 verses dropped in any of them, but I got enough doing explore, so maintained equilibrium.

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I got two of them after the first GaP and two of them after this, my last one was same as yours. :grin:

I’m not sure if I had fun. It was exhausting. :sweat_smile:

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I’m happy with the last changes of GaP.
With the band gnome’s decent dropping rate, it’s much better than the first nerf.


Please don’t say you like this nerf.
"No simping for bad behaviour.’
Rather, it’s not as bad as the original “messed up release” nerf in terms of giving then taking away of player resources. I still hate it.

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