Gnome-a-Palooza Change

Lol, nice parsing of the multiple conversations going on and summation. I think everyone is in violent agreement on going all in low level quick kill GaP as the strategy.

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Based on the findings so far there’s a corner case where you might want to run a different strategy. Suppose the next vault event is still way off and you need a large amount of a specific resource that can’t be obtained well from vault keys, e.g. glory. Then you might want to run GaP at an explore level that roughly matches your team score and can be completed fast, e.g. explore 6. Finish battles that don’t contain your preferred gnome fast, wait with the killing blow up to 50 seconds for those that do.

It’s cherry picking, you’ll get way above average of the resource you want and way below average of the resource you don’t want. Note that you don’t have to do anything on-screen while you wait for max rewards to kick in, you can even tab out to your favorite forum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glory is a bad example, because you only need glory for 3 things 1) 10 event keys a week. 2) Weekly troop. 3) Extra glory chests beyond glory keys.
None of those things are critical. The first one is easy to get just by playing PVP & getting tributes. Even the weekly troop eventually winds up in chests. The third one is a luxury. That’s why glory tends to pile up. You’re wasting potential vault keys for glory, that’s a horrible trade.


Hey, I open glory for gems. End gamer here, all I need can drop there. Glory keys/glory are now the most important for me.

Terrible suggestion. Leave ironhawk alone