Gnoma palooza problem


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I crafted gnoma palooza on sunday but all I got was a clock counting down on the screen and the music:
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Sunday 31-10-21
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Did you play a battle after you had done crafting?

How palooza works is that for 15 minutes after crafting (for as long as the timer and music is present) every PvP and explore battle gives you 4 gnomes as enemies instead of ordinary troops.
Once crafted, it can not be paused or saved for later - the countdown timer starts immediately and does not stop until running out.

So, if you just crafted it but didn’t actually play PvP or explore afterwards, you have, unfortunately, wasted it.


Hey @ZoRaven

@Dust_Angel is all over it! But as they have already asked, had you completed any battles after crafting?

If you had and completed the relevant & had any issues, please send through a ticket through to Support and we can investigate this further for you!

But unfortunately, if you had crafted the GAP and then did not complete any battles then you would not receive anything.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: