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Gnoma Palooza missing Verses

When you hunt Gnomes In vault event if you have 1 missing verse to create gnome Palooza finding this gnome is almost impossible for me it gnome verse 2 and I found only two of them for all day I think it’s a bug

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During GaP, music gnomes have a reduced (a lot) appearance rate. If you want to get verses, I would suggest hunting gnomes outside GaP.

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Not being able to find one particular Band Gnome and his/her attached verse isn’t a bug. It’s an example of RNG not being in your favor by not producing the outcome(s) you’re looking for.

Even with the gnome appearance rates being higher this weekend than they normally are, you’re still looking at a low percentage to draw the one specific gnome you want. You can (slightly) boost your odds by playing a game mode where Pet Gnomes can’t appear, but you’re still at the mercy of RNGeezus.

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Gnoma Palooza is just another unfortunate RNG grind here and the drop rates are pitiful. Has become another of the usual shameful; well it is there; grind for it, grind for it; with or without gems/cash; thats the gaming tactic offered here. They get away with what they can get away with. Happy gamers, a real fun event; they have no idea.

Seems a little more than RNG. Out of 14 band gnomes I haven’t had a single verse 2, meanwhile I keep getting verse 3 over and over. I’m pretty sure my last 4 band gnomes in a row were 3. I was extremely unlucky and missed the “gnome-a-palooza” and I think I have crafted 1 GAP so far…

This is actually normal when it comes to RNG. When you might get the same outcome several times in a row, when you might not get one particular outcome for an extended period of time. It isn’t frequent, but it does happen.

Because true RNG – or a facsimile of such – gets streaky. It (is supposed to) even out over a large sample size, but only over a very large sample size approaching the infinite. Even then, it’s not a guarantee, although the larger your sample size the more likely that the totality of the sample size and the distribution of outcomes will approach the percentages they are supposed to.

If you flip an evenly-weighted (or “fair”) coin, you’re supposed to have a 50% chance at Heads and a 50% chance at Tails. But that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to have alternating outcomes, or that over a small number of flips you’ll get 50% on each side.

Even if you flip that same coin 100 times, you’re not guaranteed to have a 50/50 split in outcomes. You’re much more likely to have numbers closer to 50 than further away, but the odds that you’ll wind up precisely at 50/50 aren’t good. Furthermore, you’re very likely to have “streaks” and “runs” if you chart each discrete flip when one side or the other will show up three or five or ten times in a row. Not often, but the complete absence of such would suggest intentional tinkering with things in a way to produce a desired outcome.

It’s why there are adages about chaining monkeys to typewriters and how if you could only chain enough monkeys to enough typewriters, you’ll eventually get the Bible, or the complete works of William Shakespeare.

If you’re looking for one particular verse, you have to “beat” the RNG a couple of ways. First, you have to have a Band Gnome actually show up. Even then, the odds are 75% against you seeing the specific Band Gnome you want, the one that’s going to drop the Verse 2. So any one specific Band Gnome encounter isn’t likely to be the one you need; on the other hand, a large number of Band Gnome encounters should produce some appearances of that one.

And I suspect if a considerable number of other players shared their experiences the way you’ve shared yours, there’d be a few other stories similar to yours. At least from those players who have played a similar amount of GoW. It might not be Verse 2 that they’re missing, but some of them probably would have their own tales of woe about how that one verse wouldn’t show up.


It’s actually far more likely to have an uneven number of verses than to have even numbers.

I started this event with:

I currently have:

It means you need to grind more…