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Gnoma-a-Palooza Changes

my stats after 1 hour farming
explore 1

hero with slayer class,need 3rd trait,any weapon
dust devil
dust devil

30 explore1 runs X 5 battles = 150 battles
found 5 gnomes and 16 verses = 21
150/5 gnomes=30
150/16 verses=9.37
normal stats for me

16 verses = 4green.3red.7blue.2yellow/brown

run 1 gap of 2 =15 minutes=45-50 battles
0 verses
50000 coins
33000 glory
120000 souls
50 gems
14 vault keys
3 epic vault keys
open keys for more loot

i think nerf is win-win
sorry for my english


But are the vaults keys the same after the event

… couldn’t take advantage of the bug.

That stuff happens occasionally and you have to be quick to catch it. Like every new troop that is Never supposed to be in the soul forge, will be there once for ~ 20 minutes. Only Zuul did they take away when it was craft able at normal mythic cost.

Things like a bugged chest that you can open for more loot infinite times, you get about five opens before they will go through logs and remove extra loot. If you exploited it 100’s of times and then spent the loot, Sirrian gets mad and may delete your account.

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Yeah, why am I being punished? The only thing left in the game I can use is writs and deeds and I got none of those. :sob: For all the time I played on Thursday and all the resources I got, I can’t even level a single kingdom.
I laughed out loud at the 7+ vip level, you choose to use the money at the time for your enjoyment, it does not give you the freedom to hold a company ransom because you gave them money. If you enjoy the have continue to play, if not I’m sure there are other free to play games that give you free premium currency every hour to play.
When someone finds a pet your need while you’re at work, do they owe you? Just saying. Also, it’s not fair when someone wind the lottery and I don’t.
I hope you find something you enjoy doing


My guess is that initially the drop rate for the verse carrying gnomes during GAP was set at something like 5% or 10% and then they changed it something like 0.05% or 0.10%, so you may very well be right.


At least they’re consistent with this. I learned that last time there was a bug with the guardian troops. There’s no (or rarely) punishment or rollbacks for exploiting a bug, so take advantage if you can. So even if you’re not sure if something is intended or not, do it first, then ask questions later.

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On Thurdsay I collected 5/2/4/2 from exploring;
Then (with slowish Phoenicia due long loading screens, including some server error messages), first Palooza gave 3 verses out of 4; second gave some more for full set. In all, 4 Paloozas were done and and net result from all four was - 8/4/10/6.

10 Paloozas after the nerf (with Rowanne on E1, normal loading times, 3 games per minute) - 1/0/2/1.

As @mitamata said, it was so easy to get big thumbs up with this feature, but they still managed to muck it up (and then there is satisfactory solution anymore).
In my opinion, verse gnomes should’ve never been allowed to show up during a Palooza in the first place; if they, for some reason, though it was okay, they had to make absolutely sure appearance rate was set low enough to prevent cycle of “free” Paloozas.

Why did they fail to assure this, especially after being warned of this very scenario by both beta-testers and people just watching preview stream and with drop-rate numbers easy to change of the fly? I don’t know, may-hap, predictions were based on low-speed teams they use in preview streams and not the ones people actually play.


The drop rate should have been what it was after the fix, rare! I have always loved gnome hunting, Some Sundays I’ve been dissapointed of the rewards. Still, Thursday took part of the joy away and I enjoyed spending Saturday and Sunday hunting for those missing verses. The joy of getting the missing gnome is such a mind boost.

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But it wasn’t really a bug, was it? If you watch the preview stream, Salty even got several verse gnomes while GaP was up and encouraged players to take advantage of it as much as possible. I guess they eventually changed their mind, can’t really fault players for following official recommendations though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: