Glory Troop should be on "Resources" shop tab

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows 7

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Expected glory troop offer to be moved onto the newly combined “resources” tab. Preferably at the front. Its not at the front, or anywhere else in the tab.

As an aside, it would be helpful if all the glory purchases were always grouped together and the always the first offers in the tab (glory offers are currently split between the beginning and end of the tab).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
As soon as I updated, and always since the update. (Updated this morning after daily reset)

Steps to make it happen again
Update to 4.9.

Edit: Found the troop on the weekly event tab, at the very end, behind all the shop purchases. I’m leaving this as feedback, since it is in the patch notes. This is not an improvement to the shop as the two things I get every week are now on two separate tabs.


I’m kind of okay with it being in either tab, personally Scratch that, it’s annoying – I can understand why someone might have wrung their hands a little at calling it a ‘Resource’, even if it does come with quite a few resources – but having it at the end of the Weekly Event tab is both annoying and (to me) disconcerting(ly furtive).

To elaborate on the latter, someone browsing through the Shop menu (and new to the game or Shop) could easily assume that all of the items in the Weekly Event tab were cash only, since the weekly Glory Troop is the only one that isn’t.


It bothers me not because of the classification, but because it is far less efficient to do what I need to do every week. And yeah, being at the end of the weekly event tab is super annoying.

Also, I was semi-ok with this when it was initially brought up because I thought this was being done to add offers to this menu and they needed room for another tab. Nope, they added the new gem daily offers the “offers” menu you get from the map, overcrowding those tabs by an extra one (in addition to it requiring more clicks to get through.) The shop menu now has five tabs. The change actively detracted from what was already a streamlined process with no tangible benefit (on the player side).


Hey, they still think that treasure are troops and that soulforge is a game. I don’t know how much leeway we can really expect to make here.


@Mithran It is like as in a supermarket where the essentials are usually in the aisles at the rear end. We’ll have to go through all the other aisles where we might be tempted to buy something that we don’t actually want. Just a sales gimmick, I’d say. If Glory Troop was with the Spoils of War, then you wouldn’t check out the other sections of the shop.


The grocery store analogy works because there are other items that are actually attractive to buy in stores. You might impulse buy.

The same can’t be said for the shop in GoW. If they had things like, “5 gems for 5 event keys, 5 max!” in there it might be an apt analogy.

So this would be more like going to the grocery store to get milk, but you have to pass down the BMW aisle to get to it. Nobody is impulse buying a new car on their way to get milk, so it’s just obnoxious.


While that is true, the devs seem to be totally oblivious of the fact that most offers in the shop are way over-priced. :grin:


So yeah, just noticed this - the resource shown in the upper right corner of a menu is based on what the first item of a given tab uses. If the “Resources” tab still has an existing Spoils of War offer, for example, you’ll show glory… thats fine because nobody should be interacting buying gold and souls for gems anyways. But if you exhaust this offer and exit the menu, and come back, the entire menu shows gems, even if you scroll all the way to the right, or select one of the glory purchases.

Similarly, the entire weekly event menu will always show gems as the currency in the upper right - assumed to be the default if there is a cash purchase as the first item on the tab. It would remain this way then, unless, presumably, you were able to buy out every single shop offer out for that week (impossible since a couple arent limited). Thus, you’ll never be able to see your glory count when you go to purchase the glory troop.

So now that I’ve made my event key purchase and exited the menu, to see how much glory I have I have to back out to the map. I’ll always have “enough” on my main account to cover it, but two alts hover around 10k and this is yet another step I have to go through just for the simple practice of buying the glory troop of the week, something that took all of several seconds before this patch.

Nothing about this shop layout is improved for the end user, this is extremely terrible UX. I’d really like to hear the “official” reasoning behind this decision, ie., trying to explain how this “improved” layout is better for anybody without bringing up that the main goal of moving things about and deleting a tab was to force people to scroll through the tab with the cash offers, and then trying to counter any suggestion that would be a marked improvement with a completely different reason why they can’t happen. (That was sarcasm, in case it was not ovbious, what I’d really like is the truth so we can work toward some kind of compromise, ie., having the entire weekly event tab show glory instead of gems and just moving the Spoils of War offer to the end with the weekly event troop, so they can get what they want while minimizing our negative interactions).


Well, my tinfoil hat has been telling me that part of moving around the Glory resources is designed to reduce how many of these are purchased. Specifically, Event Keys, which seem to be one of the favorite nerf targets.

How many people will see these gone from their usual area of the shop and just think they were removed? Considering how small a percentage of the playerbase even read the forums or social media to see the patch notes, or who read about the update on the app store before tapping “update”, I’m having a hard time not believing that this was part of the rationale behind the decision to reorganize the shop.