Gloom Leaf Double K.O

Well, this was definitely a first for me. I know now that in the event of a draw, I still lose. Despite that, unlike the troop that caused it, I was amused.


Never happened to me, you don’t have a video?

Is this different for Console?
I remember for PC/Mobile, a draw = player win.

I cannot easily test it, but I would imagine that in this case, the player dealing skull damage gets credit for the win. (Edit: I would like to see a similar situation, but reversed – where the player’s last troop dies from reflected skull damage after killing the AI’s Gloom Leaf.)

Edit again: v wow, that is different. v

Yeah on ps4 a draw is a loss

I got it on my onedrive but I have to convert it first.
Here is the edited link, it should now be public for the video portion.

since when?

before 3.0.5 - the side who casts dwarf berserker looses on pc/mobile, so a player casting it could loose or win depening on the how the draw happened

i suspect if gloom leaf was on ai side and player skull-kill it - the player would win?