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Global chat could be locked for beginners

This is just a thought. What if global chat was locked out for brand new players?

Of course I realize that global can be a valuable resource for information when approached correctly.

What if global was unlocked at the conclusion of the tutorial?

What if global was unlocked after a low amount of levels? Like the level 10 idea.

Make people learn how to play the game before they go into global asking very basic questions.

A level 1 with 1 kingdom and 3 troops asking very basic questions in global either gets ignored, made fun of, and very rarely helped.

These results are not what they should get.

This is just an idea.

The most important part of the game is finding a good guild. New players need this more than anyone, and without Global it’s not likely to happen. A guild will help them to get their answers and supercharge their progression. New players are the lifeblood of the game, and the last thing a developer will implement is a method to exclude them.


I also don’t think we need more barriers of any kind for new players. Maybe a new feature with some tutorials like slides about some frequent doubts or something like that could be interesting. Some small rewards, and i mean small things like a few traitstones to unlock some traits of the first troops we receive, some gold, glory and gem keys on each step would nudge them in the right direction to learn a few basic concepts.


I have experienced quite the opposite. As a new player I was helped enormously by players in global. Now I am a regular chat frequenter and I see players helped all the time - rarely ignored unless they are rude and extremely rare that they are met with ridicule unless they are trolling.


A few weeks ago, there was an influx of new troll accounts on Xbox One that mimiced known people in the game and existed solely to chat in global and cause trouble. All were level 1 and the starting amount of troops.

I really wouldnt mind if Global chat was gated until level 10 or a minimum of 10-15 troops. At least make it more likely to be real people.

Its not like most new people find Global chat until multiple levels in and most new player guild chats are dead quiet.


There’s nothing wrong with asking questions, thete is quite a bit to learn and we’ve all been there as a beginner at some point. Global chat would help if people didn’t shoot them down so quickly. I privately messaged one beginner after seeing this happening and helped them immensely. All they wanted to know was how to obtain pets, it only my took one sentence to explain. That’s my good deed of the day done :+1:


Global needs to be trashed all together.

My intent is not to block new players from info, it’s the opposite.

Figured an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.

Teach them terms and slang so they don’t seem like a troll/ spoon fed info noob.

Slow down those that make alt accounts before they can bypass the block feature.

But if we are talking about coding something there are just better features aimed at new players that could be developed instead. People would still look out for any human interaction simply because we are strange social meat-robots of sort. :sweat_smile:

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I think it should cost 50 gems to log into global chat and change channels. You should get one per day free.


Ahh no, we regular chatters would go into withdrawal at once a day…

It would help prevent bad play patterns, though.

Logging in to chat should not cost any gems. Posting in chat should. 10 gems per message. You need people to see all the hot conversation about how everyone is cheating or guilds are mean, then they will spend those gems to not be left out of the hot conversation.

5 treasure maps per message because it is puzzling how some people can get guild minimums when they are in chat 24/7.

XD XD I would DIiiiiiiEEEeeeeeeeEee!!!

Women can chat whilst playing - I always meet reqs :slight_smile:


Please don’t! Your guild needs you!!!

Your husband would miss you, and so would your guild’s members. (I don’t know if all would, but I know I would, and I’d bet everyone else would too)


Awwww dan :smiley: