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Global Chat Channels Restricted to player levels

It’s way too easy to troll and make multiple accounts after accounts are banned from global.
Instead of just reducing ways to access support to unburden their work load. Implement features to restrict the access for trolls that will reduce the amount of work regulating them.

Players would be able to access all levels of chat below them. But lower level accounts won’t be able to access higher level channels until they reach that level. This wouldn’t just apply to English chat either. But all languages. Channels between 11-100 would still be free reign with no level restrictions.

For instance the Access breakdown would be:

Channel 1 - All levels
Channel 2 - Levels above 200
Channel 3 - Levels above 300
Channel 4 - Levels above 400
Channel 5 - Levels above 500
Channel 6 - Levels above 600
Channel 7 - Levels above 700
Channel 8 - Levels above 800
Channel 9 - Levels above 900
Channel 10 - Levels above 1000+

Unintentionally, this would also reduce recruiting spam since guilds would be able to look for certain levels on certain channels.

Honor trading would still exist.

Though it may seem to dilute chat overall. I think it will encourage it. Players would be able to converse more easily with players at their level of the game. While still giving the option for higher levels to talk with lower levels if they so choose. Right now players only have the option to put up with global chats negatives or don’t use it at all.


As an alternative, I would suggest a level restriction on 001 to keep those who have been issued a chat ban from immediately creating an alt and coming back into chat. I know of at least two players who are doing this right now. Maybe somewhere between 30-50?


Well lets have some age restricted chats channels too.

Well they can work on chat levels for banned folks or they can use that time on fixing issues and better content. I would rather they do the latter.

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I’m suggesting they use the time to lower the rate that players are reported.
They have to take every player report seriously. So though folks may want that that time spent on more game related stuff. It’s simply not that easy of a solution.
The only way to reduce the time spent on player bans/reports is to mitigate the possibility of such things existing.