Give us a chance to get Older Weapons

@Maxx, we don’t want to offer stop gap measures, and would prefer to implement a long term, final solution.


You have said that with other things as well and it’s usually worth the wait. I trust you guys will give us a good way of getting them.

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@Saltypatra Keep up the good work. All of the Gems of wars employees are amazing and awesome. This game gets better every year. Thank you all for making an amazing game.

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I like the game.
It is awesome.
However it’d be awesomeR if you guys would come up with a solution for this issue sooner rather than later.

Thanks and no pressure :stuck_out_tongue:


On the positive side, im at the top of the xbox leaderboard for owned weapons. Where i will stay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, I’ll bite and sketch another way to allow players to obtain older weapons:

Weapons have rarities now. Put them in the chests at low drop rates (similar to mythics). Us old folks will drop tons of keys on them.


Needs a mechanism to avoid repeating weapons, but I like it!


@Maxx, we don’t want to offer stop gap measures, and would prefer to implement a long term, final solution.

I am unsure of the efforts required to create a flash sale, but I believe that creating different flash sales could be the data you need to figure out the price points that you want to sell weapons at, figure out community appetite, etc. As you mentioned before, it needs to be worth it financially to devote development effort for a solution. Not sure if flash sales are cash-only, or if you can purchase things with gems in flash sales.

Regardless of your position on the flash sales, thank you so much for responding to this thread with such a detailed and heartfelt response.

Perhaps the real issue is this. @Cyrup
Of the 231 weapons available in game. Maybe 10 of them are actually useful? Which causes a huge out cry when only 5/10 are available to players just starting the game today.
I honestly feel like the Doom (Doomskull creater) weapons were an amazing idea. The 6 are pretty much clones of each other. But with different Mana colors and released with enough time a part that any player that started 4 months ago could get at least one.
Right now there is a create a weapon contest.
So its not a big ask to request a monthly clone a weapon vote for the community. Give the players a selection of previously released Event weapons. Let them vote on it. Then release the weapon 1, 2, 3 months afterwards.
Say a clone of Earth Fury wins. The baseline of the weapon cast stays the same. The only difference is the Mana color and what kingdom it belongs to. (Just like the Doom weapons). No need to add extra code. Just bump whatever weapon was originally planned for that event week for the Earth Fury Clone. Let’s call it Uranus Fury to give the matter some levity.
Outside of whoever designs the art, and code for Uranus Fury. The rest of the team will be able to focus on 4.3…Meanwhile we are able to give hope to the players who feel like they can’t compete with the present day model. Yes contrarians, I realize that Tower of Doom can be done without Earth Fury. But those with Earth fury have way more success with it than those who don’t for the most part.
@Saltypatra you should know better than anyone that there are people who won’t be happy no matter what you do or say. I could probably be identified as one of them. But personally, I think I’m a very happy person. I’m just not here to give pats on the head or thumbs up to a staff that I’ve invested my own money into. This thread alone offers plenty of dev support. You don’t need it from me. I choose the role of pointing to where a fire is, thanking you when the fire is put out, and then pointing to the next one. With the ultimate goal of zero fires eventually. That goal is certainly attainable. For example, 3/4 of the month, Gems of War is 99% bug free! :grinning: The polar opposite of where GoW was a year ago at this time. So now that there isn’t huge fires like Impervious not working. We have small constant fires like the old weapons. An ancient issue made more relevant due to changes in the game.
New players aren’t able to have the same opportunity to succeed as players who started a year+ ago. That quickly changes from a collection issue to a retention issue. Why play a game where you are penalized for not having started playing a game a year prior?

Here’s what confuses your player base for the most part. You did this “stop gap solution” before.

Divine protector went on sale that week despite it not having anything to do with the event.

6 months later there hasn’t been a single resale like that. Yeah I’m sure people complained that it wasn’t free. It was $5. The cost of what GoW probably should be in the app store. I am happy that GoW tries to be F2P for the most part. But personally, it’s not worth those who are willing to pay being treated like the minority without a voice in the matter.
At one time a weapon was free, but if a player missed that window. And they want the weapon now, then they simply pay for it. If they don’t want it that badly. Then don’t buy it. Wait for the long term solution instead.
Choice is not a bad thing. But can’t be given unless the opportunity is made to the community.

I’m not in those meetings. I’m not a developer. I don’t know what’s planned for 4.3
What I do know is there’s an opportunity to generate revenue and appease your players at the same time right now. Yes, people will be unhappy no matter what you do. But there will certainly be less unhappy people than there currently is.

TL:DR…If I cut my arm, I don’t leave the wound open until the doctor has time to see me. I use a band aid that I already have in the home until I see a doctor.
A short term quick solution that is available. Is always a better option than a long term solution that is only a theory at this point.


i mean im fine with there being noway to get all weapons…has nothing to do with me being 1 of 2 on pc lb that have them all :smiley:



Well, I am not lying about it. Sadly, it’s been a while, so I don’t remember the exact source.
I really hope that we will get the Earth’s Fury in March 2019. I really want it. :slight_smile:

Exactly. Especially when we couldn’t even see any clue of the long term solution.

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Newbie here, started playing less than a month ago, like I do for every game I play, it arrives a certain moment I get kinda stuck in advancing, especially in f2p games, so I looked around for team i could make to improve myself, and like 90% of them involve weapons I can’t get.
Also being matched in pvp against people who have those weapons is pretty unfair, sometimes you just can’t win.
I spread the word about this game to my friends who started playing themselves GoW, I also already supported the game buying a couple packs on steam and I was planning to buy more in the in-game store but I gotta admit that finding out about this particular situation made me kinda regret the support I gave to the game and I dont know if I’m willing to continue anymore.
I don’t see any reason for not to place them in the forge or/and in the store, pls listen to the community devs, you made a very enjoyable game, don’t throw it away for nothing.


Please make sure to leave a review in the relevant App Store if you would like to help inform other people about it before they spend money. It’s probably best to focus on JUST this issue, I know when I see a review that’s like “the 14 reasons I’m leaving” I tend to think the person’s a bit daft. It’s when I see a well-articulated, concise explanation of a completely broken mechanic that I trust it.

(I feel sort of like a jerk leaving that response, but dang. I honestly feel like the only time anything changes in GoW is:

  1. It’s a new mode with a store that sells gems.
  2. Players coordinate for six months and demonstrate their dissatisfaction in a way that affects monetization metrics.)

Yup you had a great idea, I sure will follow your advice.

Why not have ALL of a kingdoms weapons available in the shop during it’s event week? For $5-$10.

Total shop rework desperately needed.


That IS actually not a bad idea at all! That seems like a perfect solution to do so given the number of how many weapons there are out there and some of them are really hard to acquire overall. Yes, I think this is the answer, giving all of us a chance to try and get them in some ways.



This is probably the best solution. I really want to get Earth’s Fury in March. If I don’t get the weapon, I think I’ll be giving up on Delves.

Leaving aside i agree that we “need” older weapons i dont see why the miss of earth fury should make impossible delve, i dont have it and am waiting for new fac to be released to have something useful to do.

Yesterday just for “fun” did 2 out of 3 perfect 500 runs on fang moor using the new ursine weapon too (but titan class see my Ursine class is still too low, not even barrier on brown still), first using Ursine, tesla, apothecary and TPK, second one using Ursine, Apothecary, high paladin and TPK (boss fight was a epic CatFight with those tho, enemy’s had 600ish att lol).

Failed a second run with Tesla cuz right before boss meet bulettes that moved the hero on the bottom, i cba to wait 3 more casts and gone ahead, boss room with tesla tanking was a pain, had to cast the weapon on het a lot to keep her alive so TPK and Apo died.

Dont have Gard but guess also Ursine; Gard, apo and TPK would work really well too.

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