Give sentinels dupe protection

I got my second sentinel today and it was the same as the first. Not only is there a minimal chance of you getting one, then you get stiffed with dupes. Good luck getting all 6 this is an absolute disgrace and will be the last penny i spend on this game


bUt ThE wHoLe CoNcEpT oF rNg Is So MuCh FuUuUuUuUuN!

Didn’t you know that?

In all seriousness, feels sad for you, the only upside is that you most likely won’t ever need any of the sentinels anywhere or for anything, useless junk created by devs in another desperate attempt to fomo-bait people. I’m sure it works and many gems have been drained out of several stashes so far and even the occasional gem buyer was baited in.
So this won’t be changed, because devs reached their goals. But hey, just a few more copies and you can upgrade and save a orb, isn’t that great?


Same thing happened to me…


Honestly, I don’t think we should feel the same attitude towards Sentinels as the Dragonite dragons.

Sentinels are a rare, random thing to begin with. It is intended that only a small portion of lucky players have them. They are a rare drop from a small effort (clearing a Sentinel room in Underspire). Please don’t feel compelled to collect them. If you force yourself to feel miserable when you get a dupe, you should likewise feel miserable when you don’t get a Sentinel drop from a room, and that’s not justified - you expect to get no Sentinel when you open that treasure.

In contrast, the dragons are a certain drop from a more serious effort. You have to collect 500 or 550 dragonites (that process being quite random is another issue). Then you will surely get a dragon, and even in the worst case the chance of getting a new one is much higher (1/6) than the Sentinel. So while the developers insist that it is “fun” to get lucky and get a new dragon against the odds, the misery of getting a dupe is very real and justified. Dragons are also much more powerful than the Sentinels. Sentinels are fun to use, but not very reliable. (Their spell backfires as easily as the nerfed Pathfinders.)


Better idea make them appear.


Thanks for comments. This mode has really upset myself and other gamers. Guild mates play to completion most weeks and get noting, when you do manage to get something you get smacked in the mouth with a dupe.

I’m all for the grind, i like to chip away at an achievable target, i just passed 1k gold elite troops it took time but if you put the hours in its doable. For me this is one “fun” rng element too many.

Going forward there will be no more kingdom/campain passes, ring of wonders or any other purchases that pop up. Well done devs you have lost a customer due to your greed and the “fun” rng elements that you insist on throwing at us. Well done :clap::clap:


People love to say the Gems of War dev team will make things easier over time.

Looking forward to seeing that with:

Hoard Mimic…
Targeted Dragon Crafting…

a bunch of other things that I don’t think are in a great spot:

Soulforge rotation…
Pet pool…
Troop Medaling…
Shiny Keys…

that one thing they promised and never delivered:
fixing problematic weapon affixes…

I’m probably missing some things?


Don’t worry, the improved daily offers will help with some of those grinds.


My second ever. Almost like it’s the opposite and leaning towards giving us dupes, huh?

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The bad part here now is that it also means people are going to be reaching those statistical averages for sentinels people love to post for the egg dragons, and some people are going to be going 30+ sentinels before getting a full set. That’s after averaging what… 3-4 sentinels per year? Some people love their marathons /s.

It’s one thing it if it was free, but chasing after Sentinels is very expensive weekly…

I don’t know, I’m still only on my first one that I got in the first week. shrug


I would be happy about 1 Sentinel already after completing every single battle in Underspire each and every week …

I’m 2/2 so far, but I dread the appearance of the first dupe. This is so much worse than dragon egg dupes. It’s more akin to if there were 6 different flavors of Hoard Mimic to aquire and you only get to play 15-ish boss chests per week.


It’s not worth it. I stopped doing that and do the occasional extra and got two in a row. Granted, it’s the same one… But it never seems to work in this game playing more battles for better chances.