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Gifts (12 days)

Coal, aww man.


@Cyrup - please don’t make me beg. I’m begging you not to make me beg for this. :santa: :angel: :mage:


I would love a Mythic of my choice… :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, we are looking into extending the mail a little longer. Please bear with us while we see what’s possible.


That’s wonderful to hear. I’m a console player too, but I’ll be near mine for the holidays. I didn’t even realize the math until just now. Yeah, unless you could hop on a buddy’s console and login, you would be kind of out of luck, wouldn’t you. Hopefully they can do something. Best of luck to you all.

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<.< >.> slinks off


Nice. Hopefully that’s enough time for you all. I know some people stay through New Years at places, but at least it’s a better window than on X-Mas or close to it. I wish you all luck in getting the mail in time :slight_smile:


fantastic! now if there is a console service outage, there’s always the next day. woot

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The gifted merlions were enough to make him a mythic for me, thanks devs :+1:


12 Arcanes today. Wow!

Oh, and some Sylphs…

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Awesome gifts people! Thanks. I know my Mrs no longer plays but I crafted her a pharos this morning and was one spirit short of fully traiting him. So thanks again from nephilim and rusty sword!

So what’d we get today (from someone who is traveling)?

9 Blade Dancers and I think it was 6 of each runic.


Wow, today was a disappointment!

The last gift will be removing Dawnbringer from Def in rhe Arena??

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Aww…I actually got a chuckle out of the snipers sniping :wink:

Besides, the 25k gold for a guild is 3/4 of an LT…

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Yea, I kinda worked that out. That’s exactly how I looked at it.
Sol zara or whatever she’s called would be good tomorrow but I think it’ll be a hundred diamonds or maybe some vip keys.

Any of those would be great…or even a random mythic

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12 Rocs a’rocking

We’ve had rocs already!