Gifs that Represent Your Team Style


Describe your troop team’s spirit in a gif!


You need to buy shares in this GIF or something…lol.


It is my spirit animal :cat:
That is possibly the worst Cat emoji ever…


This is me, when my Sacred Guardian dies in the Arena…


This is my team style and how I imagine my 2 year old dreams about this game.:blush:


Rofl, that’s the best!


Me looking how the Webspinner does all the work and see my enemies “burn”.


Using 3 Shadow Dragons and Hero with Prismatic Orb.

EDIT: My gif is refusing to work :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought maybe you were implying that running this team literally breaks the internet :stuck_out_tongue:


when i use new line-up and I’m not sure if it will works… Or when I loose game that was in the bag :’(


Made this gif many years ago, but since I am guilty of using Webspinner, guess it is how opponents sometimes feel about the team:


Getting to lazy to count the damage of the paladin and the health of the enemie.


Charging up the Silent One and hoping everything works out somehow while the whole enemy team is silenced


This is what happens with my Emperina and my hero equipped with Bullroarer


When my last troop has 1 life left and I win.