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-=GiB=- family of guilds has openings in all guilds

Alpha - is looking for 1 competitive daily player (lvl 1000+)

We will finish top of bracket 4 in GW after this week with 5 LTs completed. Usually, all basic and several epic tasks are completed within 24hrs of reset… Everyone pulls their weight

Delta- is looking for 2 players who are looking for an active guild (lvl 500+)

All basic tasks are completed weekly and all guild events rewards are closed out. You can either relax here or work your way up to Alpha with the help and support of a great guild.

Omega and Theta - are open for those starting out in GoW

Lots of help from players from Alpha and Delta on our group discord. Plenty of banter and fun. These are guilds that will get you where you want to be.

Join our discord and come meet us and have a chat and see what guild fits you…


Omega and Theta are open so you can search within the game… If you’re looking for invites to Alpha or Delta either message me on xbox GT: Dinosuitgirl or pop into discord for an instant response.