-=GiB=- 4 Guilds with room for YOU!

Why join us? because we support our members and help each other GROW!

Whether you are hardcore gamer or a noob - we have a guild for you! Check out the image below to see requirements for each guild, pick your favourite and join our family of guilds! You can move up or down in our guilds based on your level of commitment.

We communicate on discord where you will find guides, resources amazing people and a lot of comradery!

Guild requirements guide

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I’ve been in 3 of the 4 GiB guilds and I must say Delta is my favorite because of the family/helping atmosphere and ofcourse all the hot dreamy guys. If you want a guild that is very active and competitive but not to the point where GOW takes over your life…JOIN DELTA.

Fyi Delta does not discriminate so we take in people of all races, nationalities, ages, sexual preferences, even left handed people and especially midgets!


I like the Delta crew there not a bad bunch the idea is if your in a GiB guild then you are family lol so join up and meet your new family lofl…