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GiantBomb! Guild Chat

[wall of text - questions at the end]

Dear guildmates,

I wanted to write a longer text and the in game guild chat is just terrible for that, so I decided to open this thread here on the GoW forum instead.
Nobody has to get a GoW forum account, you can still answer in game if you want. But for longer posts I personally would like to post here in the forum (even though it’s public and everybody can read it, I don’t have a problem with that).

There are three topics I would like to address:
1st: reaching 5 star guild chest (40k seals).
2nd: task contribution strategy
3rd: minimum requirements

1st: 5 star guild chest
That’s something I would really like our guild to get. I don’t want to put too much pressure on everybody, getting those 1.2k-1.5k we would need really does take some time you need to spend on this game. Or alternatively quite some real money.
That is the reason why I don’t want to push for the 40k seals every week. But I would want to get it like once a month, or at least every two months.
So that I and everybody else who would prefer to spend their seals on the 5 star guild chest can save them for that moment and don’t have to „waste“ them on the 4 star guild chest.
I already suggested a strategy in game chat: we decide for a week where we all give our best to get as many seals as possible.
Everybody has to get 500 seals till Thursday noon and 1200 seals till Saturday noon. And if we don’t reach 40k seals: 1300 seals till Sunday noon.
This way, if members haven’t been active enough till Thursday, I can replace them with people that would actually help us getting the 40k mark. The same goes for Saturday and Sunday.
This may sound harsh but I think as a top 50 guild, this is an aim every member should be able to work for.

If anybody probably can’t make it because of reasons, please tell me beforehand (like Jobs a fish already did), and I will not kick you. I think we should be able to bear one or two shortfalls.

In game chat, I asked whether the weeks 26.9.-2.10. or 3.10.-9.10. would suit you for reaching the 40k seals.
Two people voted for 26.9.
But also I got the feedback that people didn’t care that much about the 5 star guild chest. Is that true for most? Because if I’m pretty much the only one that cares about the 5 star guild chest, we don’t have to do the whole 40k seals week. If everybody else is content with the 4 star guild chest, I’ll be fine with it. I don’t need it that badly too pressure everyone against their will.

2nd: task contribution strategy
ubaldo asked me to decide a sequence for the task contribution so that it’ll be more organized. If I got him right, he would like us to focus on completing some tasks 12/12 to get the stat bonuses, and as an offset keep the other tasks lower.

I personally think the only tasks really worth completing 12/12 are red and purple for the attack and magic bonus. I would prefer to keep the other tasks around the same level, as all tasks get more expensive when reaching a higher level and, as a result, have a worse ROI (return of investment).
For a detailed list of what each tasks cost and give, see 2.1 Guild Tasks - Information Gathering
As you can see, task 11 and 12 are incredibly expensive, and I just don’t think it’s worth doing them for some life or armor.
Also, if we want to complete 3 colors, we will have almost no gold left for the other 3 colors (I’ll elaborate on that further down).

If anyone disagrees with me on this, feel free to discuss. I’m open for any opinion.
Maybe you even think purple tasks are not worth the gold because even though they give the magic bonus, they have an awful ROI for the souls. Those souls cost waayy too much gold, especially since you can farm them using Valkyrie.

But anyway, my strategy for the first couple of days for the following week would

  1. Complete all purple tasks
  2. Complete all red tasks
  3. Complete a bunch of other tasks. First 3-4 tasks are cheap and have good ROI.

That alone will cost us about 5.5 million gold.
And that is already the average amount of gold our members contributed during the last couple of weeks before the update.
This week, we had an overall contribution of 11.7 million, but this also includes the savings of some members.
Next week, I expect the overall contribution to be around 7-8 million.
That could give us 2 colors completes and the other 4 on level 6-7.
Alternatively, it could give us 3 colors complete (IF we get contribution of at least 7.83 million and everybody is disciplined enough to put them only into these 3 colors) and the other 3 on level 0-3.

3rd: minimum requirements

The minimum requirements are 100k gold & 100 trophies right now.
To me, 100k gold feels good. It’s high enough to prevent leeching, but it’s also low enough to enable people to level their kingdoms if they want to do that.
I’m not sure about the 100 trophies. I mean, I really do like climbing up the league, but I always viewed the trophie requirement more as a way to ensure activity. (the more active a player is, the more gold they have to put into guild tasks, and everybody profits)
Now we have seals that show the level of activity. And they show overall activity, not only pvp activity (like trophies).

So the reason why I would like a minimum seal requirement is to ensure activity. It has nothing to do with the level of guild chests we want to reach: we will always easily get 4 star guild chest, but reaching 5 star guild chest is a lot of work, and I don’t want to put 1300 seals as minimum requirement each week because that’s just too much (imo).

I have no idea how high this seal requirement should be. I’m thinking of something between 500 and 1000.
What do you think?

Also, should the 100 trophies requirement stay when putting a seal requirement?

And like I always
say, I have no problem if there’s a week or two where you can’t be as

This was a very long text and I just want to repeat all the questions I have for you (and list some more):

1a) are you even interested in the 5 star guild chest?
1b) do you want a week where we all push for the 40k seals?
1c) should the week be 26.9.-2.10. or 3.10.-9.10. or even later?
1d) how often should we have such a 40k seals week?

2a) do you think we should 12/12 complete some tasks, and if yes, which colors?
2b) do you think we should keep the other tasks balanced or push for some more than for others?

3a) should we change the 100k gold requirement?
3b) should we have a seal requirement and if yes, how high should it be?
3c) should we change the 100 trophies requirement?

You can either get an account and discuss everything on this thread, or you can of course still use the in game guild chat.

By the way: my native tongue is German. If you speak German and have difficulties understanding something I said, I can repeat it in German. Or you can ask me something in German if it’s hard for you to ask the question in English. But other than that, our guild language is English of course.

(using this thread instead of in game guild chat again for a better structure)

So I got a couple of answers from you guys and decided the following:

100 trophies / week rule will stay. This is just a game, and I don’t want to force anyone to sacrifice their real life for it. Still, 100 trophies is a good way to ensure some level of activity and should also give some more motivation to reach tier rank 1.

100k gold / week rule will stay. Unlike the trophy rule, nobody minded the gold minimum to be raised. There was the suggestion to raise it to 150k. But I checked my data, and last week, there were only 4 people contributing less than 150k gold (I guess still working on their kingdoms). So most people already contribute more than 150k anyways. And if anyone wants to focus a little more on their kingdoms right now, that’s fine with me.

No seal requirement. We have 100 trophy rule already to ensure activity. We get more than 20k seals as a guild anyway, so we don’t need a seal requirement for that. And to get 40k seals, the requirement would have to be at like 1.3k seals/week for everyone, and that feels too high for a guild like us that isn’t that hardcore.

Next week we try to reach 40k seals! As I already stated in guild chat, we got 37378 seals last week. That was really close! And that was without any rules or plannings. In the post above I presented a strategy how we could reach 40k seals. This strategy included kicking people who wouldn’t be active enough. Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on people that are busy during that week and can’t play as much.
So to avoid that, I thought it might be a good idea trying to reach the 40k without any rules. If we fail, we can still try again with the rules I presented in the post above.
I want to try reaching the 40k seals next week, which is 26.9.-2.10.

And about task strategy: I think it’s a good idea to get 12/12 purple tasks for the magic bonus. Then we can still try for 12/12 red tasks for attack bonus. Other than that, I don’t think we are able to easily finish other tasks on a regular basis (even though we did finish blue this week). I would rather look for which tasks have a good ROI. First 6 brown tasks are a great value, comparing to how much gold keys usually cost. I personally like green tasks better than blue because I use gems for event chests anyways (and then, green tasks are a better value). And I like blue tasks better than yellow and brown, so I personally would prioritize green > blue > brown >= yellow. But that’s just my personal taste, we should probably keep those 4 about the same.

I hope I addressed everything so far.

And in case amiraludeplop reads this: I know you have quite some exciting stuff going on in your life right now and I wish you the best for it! If you plan on ever coming back, you are welcome in GiantBomb! anytime (if there’s a slot available of course).