Ghostcrawler on Game Design and Community Feedback

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I recently came across an article published by Greg Street, more commonly known by his moniker “Ghostcrawler” and as the public face of game development for several large franchises (Age of Empires, World of Warcraft, and currently League of Legends). The article concerns the role of developer feedback and communication with the community as an iterative process. I feel that @Sirrian and his crew subscribe to similar philosophies, and this is an interesting read for anyone who wants to see what things are like on the other side of the proverbial fence.

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Please tell me nobody on the GoW team has had to deal with unwanted phone calls or death threats.

With some of the posts in the forum that or in the global chat… there might have been

Well, there was at least one incident where Sirrian had to issue bans and a blanket statement about having a legal obligation to protect his staff from real or implied threats, so I think it’s safe to say that the conditions exist here for those incidents to occur.

I personally like this line: “I value communication, and communication is easier if you treat each other like human beings.”

When I see that line erode in instances of feedback, I start to get defensive, because I want it made clear that the community at large is capable of two-way, respectful conversation.


Great article… absolutely agree with everything Greg says.

We’re lucky to have a mostly positive & respectful community in Gems of War - that’s never going to be a 100% kinda deal, the internet being what it is, but it sure makes the feedback process a heck of a lot more pleasant and productive!


Thank you for this.

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I like Ghostcrawler, I read another of his posts recently… again, this is good to keep in mind.

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That was a very good read. Thanks Lyya!