Getting shwifty is recruiting!

Sister guild to cowboys from hell… formerly golden oldies
request level 100 and 10k gold
everyone is welcome
We can take you to end game if you stick it out with us and actually want to learn everything in the game. Our main guild speaks for itself. Dont be scared to join

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we still have many open spots for newer players over level 100 who wish to learn the game

Ik you might still hate me but can ya’ll give me a chance I promise I won’t leave. I’m now level 600 and just can’t find a guild that suits me. But I love low requirement based guilds and guilds I know most of the people in. Plus I’m now event driven meaning I only use my gems to buy more sigils. I’m not in a guild right now and might still be around in chat 838. Please trust me. I have changed I promise. My new username is TheFurryFoxPhoenix which I’m changing to Phoenixtheflamefox-yt. I’m not the old ranger wolf you used to knew @feedle I hope we can be friends again and you actually give me a chance at being in an amazing guild and I’ll be sure to shock you and others by donating 1mil gold to the guild. I’m at 29k gold right now and saving up. I’ll also be staying put and never leaving again. I pinky swear.

We are still recruiting… we are rank 69 now and reqs were upgraded
to 100k gold 50 trophies. Anyone level 200 up is welcome as long as they have not been removed from the guild before. Hit up global channel 001 and ask for Shwifty invite

No thank you ranger… maybe try another guild with no reqs.