Get higher lvl in 10 days

i need to know how to get to lvl 50 rn im a lvl 30 something. in ten days is when im unbanned from chat im trying to join slayets keep any ideas rn my team currently sits at 2,000 something my other team is 2,200 rn

Best way to level up is to play, play, play.

Complete as many kingdom questlines as you can, and buy the Dragon Armor for 500 gems when you first get the chance so that you have more gold to use.


Fastest way to grind levels is to fight fast battles. The difficulty of the battle doesn’t affect the amount of xp you get. What matters is how many enemies you defeat (usually 4). So whichever battle you can do fast, do that and you’ll very quickly got from 30-50-100 (Explore 1-2 is usually the fastest way).

Another way is to work on unlocking all your kingdoms, which each require 7 battles each and then unlock the classes (4 more there). And that should get you to 50 by the time you’re done with all kingdoms, while also helping you progress in the game.

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thx but i found a better way im grinding through kingdom challenges im almost at lvl 40 plus my first kingdom i beat same with the other two im on first kingdom challenge rank 2 im happy i was trying to get to lvl 40 today and im almost there tomorrow im hoping to get to 50 then jon my friends in slayers keep sadly i Don’t get chat back until the 15th