Genie new suggestions

Throwing an idea.
When we encounter Genie in wanderer encounter, we can spend Genie’s Lamp (treasure from underworld) to make a wish. I would like to see wishes as gift (like angel) or offers (like merchant), but in a type that we choose, for example books or deeds, chaos orbs or even better, minion / forge / glory orbs.
I think its thematic, and Genie’s Lamp is a rare resource, so if you scale an amount of this treasure per certain type of wishes, it won’t break the economy, but could boost players in their favourite direction and give some a reason to play both delves even after all cmpleted

Make it disappear.


Genie (and Daemon) in Arena might be interesting. That’s a game mode where the advantages (or disadvantages) might be meaningful and powerful enough to matter.