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Generals and the New Forums

I believe that the Gems of War Forums can be improved upon by a very simple means.
This Forum should be divided into at least 3 categories: Developers Corner, Guilds Recruitment, and New Features.
Under the Developers Corner section would be all information from the Developers about new additions to the game, polls, contests, etc.

Guild Recruitment will contain all ads from guilds.

New features will include all suggestions from players about new items.

New Troop Type: The Generals to lead your troop in battle.

Generals would have up to 30 to 50 levels at max.

Have basic stats at start.

Will gain XP for each battle they are in. 1 XP per battle.

General will need 20 XP to gain each level from 2 to 10, 40 per level from 11 to 20, 60 XP for each level from 21 to 30, 80 XP per level from 31 to 40, and 100 XP for each level from 41 to 50.
Generals will always lead the troops in battle and will appear in a new battle spot on the main game board.
All battles will have a general and each battle will have 1 General and 4 troops or Main Character. The Main Character can NOT be placed in the General slot.

Generals will gain either a stat point when leveling. At levels 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50, the generals will gain both a stat point and a special ability. Generals do not have traits like other troops.

With Generals the new main game board will feature 5 X 5 battles instead of the currant 4 X 4 battles.

Generals will earn no XP if the general loses a battle.

Clearly, there can be new Events based on the General. The General can wear Armor and wield weapons in battle as well.