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General Advice building teams?

Hi all. I’m newbie and still unlocking missions and so on. I still have a modest collection and trying obviously to grow. Now, my focus is on team building.
My collection is here

I would like to build a strong PvE team to clear and unlock missions kingdoms, and learn what to check to understand team building, but I don’t have too much clear in my mind what to take in consideration

general advice: search before posting. I don’t want to sound mean, but there is a LOT of good information already out there, and it’s not hard to find. Some of it is here, some on youtube, some on discord, some on reddit, some on steam… I’m sure there are other sources of guides for new players.

At every level, in game modes with no “sigil” mechanics to limit daily play, it is to your advantage to win fast or lose fast. Don’t waste your time grinding out a win over 20 minutes or more, when you could retreat and win 20 times in 1 minute each instead. Build your teams around speed. Trait your “empowered” troops. Join a good guild to get more resources (both currency and advice).

Hope this helps. I can say, after looking at your roster, that you already have 3 very good legendary troops: Sekhma, Sir Quentin Hadley, and Divinia. These troops are worth investing in, and building around. You should aim for Mountain Crusher and Mang as weapons, then level your masteries evenly across all colors. There are guides out there for picking good hero classes as you unlock them. Black Dragon Court has a good newbie guide on these forums. Good luck.

If you play on Xbox feel free to join The Unforgiven V*

We complete the blue statue every week (almost 400 gems to get your collection kick-started!), and we can help you build teams.

Only requirement is playing — seals and trophies prove you’re active, and all your gold is yours to level your kingdoms.

Sales pitch over — that said, I agree pretty much with beeflog.

Other notable things to mention are:

Good teams often have scaling damage. Damage that scales can be increased fast enough and in large enough quantities to matter, so look at troops that have purple numbers on their card — these boost with magic. Also look at cards that can take all armor in a single cast, increase stats by a sizable margin (generally by being proportional to something else makes for better increasers, like shield of urskaya giving you armor that equals all opponents’ attack), or double a stat — these are almost always keepers.

Good teams get mana quickly so they can accomplish their objectives quickly.

On a good team there will be two or three distinct “jobs” cards perform, generally, and you probably want at least one of each on most good teams: generate mana, deal damage, support (usually by giving yourself positive status effects, or shutting down your enemy with negative ones).

Good luck either way, and have fun :grin:

As i checked your troops. You seem to have a few legendaries that are decent even without traits:

Sir Quentin

You can try doing at least 2 decent teams:

Hero (any weapon that wont use yellow/red/green/blue, any class, as you dont have any stone-talent class -> titan would be best, to get some synenergies with Hyndla after unlocking her traits or class traits)

divinia will heal + cleanse eveything, while hyndla will deal damage + summon extra troops if anything dies

2nd team:
Warlord (any red weapon):
Sir Quentin
(something that uses brown/blue/green) and has covert gems as a spell

This setup i based on skull converters. Both Sekhma and Quentin convert 2 gem colors to create skull + other mana. Add a single color converter, who will fill either Sekhma or Quentin and you should be good. Also Warlod is there, because you have him at 20, and he can benefit from skulls, but i’d advice unlocking a stone-talent tree class as soon as possible, and try to level it up to 4th/5th trait.

Stone classes are (order of kingdoms as they are unlocked):
Runepriest/Titan (Khaziel/Stormheim)
Monk (Shentang)
Plaguelord (Darkstone)
Sentinel (Urskaya)

Any of these 5 should be become better than Warlord once they get their “gain barrier when matching brown” trait.

Thanks all for your comments.I will read all and take in consideration.

This is one of the things always made me to loose interest in the game after some days. I like it, but then I see youtubers, and basically in their videos you only farming, no difficult content. Like there is no a real difficult end game content, just farm and farm and farm. And, BTW, I like Team building, and play, of course, and farm too, but, in a fair quantity. Maybe difficult part is PvP and it’s what I don’t see on videos, I don’t know.

Don’t worry, there is difficult end game content. Level 500 pure faction without potions.

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There are specific game modes where the difficulty ramps up. Tower of Doom and to some extent, other weekly guild events, and underworld Delves, where enemy levels will reach 500, and you have to bring one team through 3-9 fights where death or reordering of your troops is “permanent” within that set of fights… keeps things interesting for masochists who like to make things hard on themselves :slight_smile:

But in explore, and kingdom challenges, and even PvP in most cases (not guildwars), you are heavily incentivized to burn through the most fights in the least time to get the greatest rewards. That’s just the reality of the game. You are welcome of course to seek out harder fights, or slower teams that you find more fun, and use them. no one can stop you. do what makes it fun. but if part of your enjoyment comes from gathering resources to improve your troops and kingdoms, that part will be impacted by using slow teams…