Gems of War's BEST* Guild is Looking for 2 Warriors to Help us Become Bester

Light on requirements, light on atmosphere, and heavy on Oxford commas.

Can you spare a paltry 400k gold per week?
Can you manage to part with the resources to get your guild war sentinels to level 2?
Are you prepared to handle superhuman levels of good fellowship as we chase guild wars rewards in a determined yet relaxed manner?

Then Heroes United wants YOU.

We’re perfect for

  • Players languishing in a guild that doesn’t participate in guild wars at their desired level.
  • Endgamers who want GW prizes without the onerous obligations of bracket 1 guilds.
  • Socially anxious binge players: No discord, and no plans for one!
  • People who love guilds that include bullet points in their recruitment threads.

We’ve got all the bells and whistles of other top guilds: Legendary tasks, maxed color bonuses, 40k seals, etc.

COME JOIN THE PARTY. Before the end of Monday.

  • “best” claim based on results of surveying guild leaders. 1 out of 1 leaders rated Heroes United as the best

We had one taker smart enough to jump on the opportunity. Room for one more discerning sophisticate. HURRY