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Gems of War: The PVP trophy dilemma

The Dilemma:
As the guild leader of my own guild, I feel obligated to only focus on PvP for guild trophy advancement, yet there is only so much time I can play in a day.


  1. My interaction with GoW games is essentially only PvP.
  2. I would love to play Treasure Maps, but I can’t, because I have to make the best of my time for PvP.
  3. I would love to do Explore, but I can’t, because I have to make the best of my time for PvP.
  4. I would love to wrap up all my Kingdom Challenges, but I can’t, because I have to make the best of my time for PvP.
  5. I would love to run the Story Mode Quests… Ok yea, I did those, but grudgingly, because I had to take time away from PvP.
  6. Love the new Arena changes! I now have the option of choosing between PvP or Arena. So now the choice on my end becomes doing PvP for more Gold or doing Arena for more Soul.

Feature Request:
Change the concept of trophy into something like Guild Reputation, and make it so that anything we do will advance the guild reputation. This way, players will have the freedom to choose whatever GoW gaming option that tickles their fancy, instead of being stuck on PvP.

P.S: I think many of the hardcore or high level guilds are also facing the same dilemma, and are under the pressure to only devote to PvP. This can create burnout issue fairly fast.


Seals is basically a partial version of that now, except it is at a cap and doesn’t treat everything evenly (again, PvP and Arena best 2 for seals).

I do see the current setup to be a huge problem. Now that I started a 2nd account to do YouTube videos off of, literally 100% of the time spent on my main account has to be PvP, no exceptions, in order for me to optimize my time.


I’m a member of a top guild, and I’m just not feeling what you describe. If I ever wanted to play explore or treasure hunt or whatever, I would just do it, and there wouldn’t be any problem as long as I fulfill guild requirements. If I ever felt that fulfilling guild requirements takes all my game time and I can’t do anything else, it would just be a sign that I need to find a guild with lower requirements.

Since you’re the guild leader of your own guild (a strange thing to say - can you be the leader of someone else’s guild?), I can see even less of a problem, as you’re the one making the rules. Your guild can be as hardcore or as casual as you want it to be, just set the requirements to whatever you feel comfortable with so you can exceed requirements to a reasonable degree and still have time for other stuff.


[quote=“yonizaf, post:3, topic:17239, full:true”]
Since you’re the guild leader of your own guild (a strange thing to say - can you be the leader of someone else’s guild?), I can see even less of a problem, as you’re the one making the rules. [/quote]

I beg to differ. I have never been the most active person in the guild and now I spend quite a lot of time recruiting, discussing, updating spreadsheets… So I feel compelled to dedicate myself to making trophies to try to keep up. I have only been doing PVP for months and I am glad that the new rewards of the arena allow me to make some from time to time again.


Yep. Top 25 guild co-leader (with my wife) here and I can definitely agree that being a guild leader for an active guild can take up a lot of time. Much more than a someone who isn’t in that position might think. Between the documentation, communication, management, etc. on a slow week I probably spend 5 hours on guild stuff. On a busier week it can easily be 10 or more.


Nobody tried to claim otherwise. The subject here is more about what guild leaders seem to feel like they have to do when they don’t manage the guild.

I personally believe the mentioned self imposed obligation to focus on PvP is wrong. Exactly because guild leaders invest so much time and effort managing the guild, they deserve to get a break from making a high trophy count, and should be able to do more of what they enjoy in the game. I believe most members of most guilds will also agree to that - nobody wants a burned out leader.

I would even go as far as to say that leaders should not be forced to make requirements, but I’m aware of some people who wouldn’t accept that, and too much conflict is bad for a guild. Still, as long as they make requirements, there shouldn’t be a problem.


My question is why not have other people help you? You dont always have to do everything yourself and the more people that you have with different responsiblies the easier it is to run.

Have you asked people to help you? Do you feel you can trust other people to free up time for yourself?

Being in a high ranking guild is all about communication and splitting up the responsibility, no one person can expect to take on everything alone.

Try to find some help in game and you might be able to free up some time for explores or challenges


As a member of Sidousai’s guild, I can tell you he wasn’t talking about requirements because a) our requirement is seals only and b) every week he does far, far more than is required.

I’m not a guild leader, but I feel the same pressure. Not because of guild requirements - which in our case are seals, so I could do NO PvP and still meet them. It’s because we (guild members) all want our guild to maintain/advance its rank on the league leader board and the only way to do that is PvP or Arena. Whenever I’m doing anything else (explore, treasure maps), I’m always feeling a little like I’m wasting my time, because it’s not contributing trophies. It’s not really about making more time for the game either, it’s just that any battle that doesn’t yield trophies feels like a selfish one - I know, the resources collected help the guild one way or another, but it’s not trophies. It feels worse as the non-PvP battles increase, especially when farming trait stones, which tends to take many, many battles. All those missed trophies…

I can only speak for myself, but I imagine as a guild leader, the pressure is even greater. You want to be an example and encourage others to contribute as much as they can without making any demands of them.

So, yeah, it would be great if, like for seals, everything we did in the game would count for the league rank as well.


I still feel slightly stupid whenever I do maps simply because of the time-efficiency stuff. Even though I almost always hit 60+ moves for the seals. Of course there is also the part where I can’t make myself burn a perfectly good map and end up with the same seals for a whole 150 moves…

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Well, it also irks me that there will probably be new mini-games coming up, and I can’t play those too…
… because I have to make the best of my time for PvP. :sob:

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Have you no read anything thats been mentioned here?

i get the point of this. it’s not about not able to do anything else, but it is a pity that those activities did not contribute to guild advancement.

i always feel a little at loss when doing explore for not getting trophies (and glory!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


for me my biggest issue has been there is too much focus on trophies forcing me to do pvp only to keep with guild requirement.
I recently got ejected from my guild as i couldn’t cope with 300 trophies a week anymore after 504 days in it.
i got 430 treasure maps and i don’t think i can afford to spend time doing them because i won’t make enough trophies/gold for requirements for guild.


This is a game, not a job or project. I don’t mind peer pressure others into doing more in their free time, but I avoid directly burdening others with in-game responsibility. I guess this is just a matter of personal preference. Everyone run their guild differently.


If you feel like doing certain things on a game are becoming a chore and you don’t really want to do it then it’s probably time for a change. You should maybe re-evaluate just why you play this game. If you’d rather not be going for trophies all the time then don’t.


I am also a member of Sidousia’s guild.
One of the big draw cards for me to want to join was the relaxed requirements.
I have never really worried how high ranked our guild was. It was more of a pleasant surprise to rank up, not a target to aim for.
You’d have to ask the rest of the guild, Sid, but I, for one, wouldn’t mind at all if you wanted to play other game modes.
I guess you have to decide if you want a “higher-ranked, play-for-glory” kind of guild, or a “more-relaxed, play-for-fun” kind of guild; or something half way between.


im in a guild in top #33 (mobile/pc) right now and we have no pressure over pvp at all, no trophy requirement either (all of pvp we require is silly tier1 minimum)

and i still feel a little bad and selfish if/when i do other game modes that give no trophies as i feel that these guys deserve more,

im struggling to explain myself but i mean they contribute so much that i feel its nicer to do that as well and its a shame only pvp (and arena lately) give enough to count for the contribution.

im positively motivated to do more for guild community, i love my guild community and i wanna contribute more along with them , with my limited gaming time, but game restricts me to do only pvp (and arena or $) if i want to do that

so i disagree that its a guild or gaming style problem. its the game design that restricts contribution

edit, just to clarify:
i think its worth to wait for guild wars to see how guild ranking will be shaped then, perhaps they plan to rebuild whole trophy ranking idea?


I agree, the lack of trophies in other areas has been a crutch of this game for a while. It as someone who has played a long time, I came to terms with only pvp a long time ago. Even the arena is to slow compared to the pvp grind.

I love the changes with the event system mixing it up.

I feel like treasure map would balance out with a trophy per 30 turns


Eureka! :open_mouth:

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and 1 seal per 30 too…