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Gems of War Sleuth - Advanced Troop Finder


The GoW Sleuth is an unofficial database for the match-3 game “Gems of War” based on Lyya’s GoWDB API.

Sleuth’s primary goal is to be a fast, more advanced alternative to GoW’s in-game search allowing for more complex queries.


  • Search results can be sorted and filtered by various criteria.
  • Search terms and categories can be combined in various ways.
  • Filters can be bookmarked and shared.

Links to example queries:

More details can be found in the ‘Help’ section on the website.

The interface is available in English and German.
Other languages were machine-translated.
Any help welcome!

Contact me on the forums or post in this thread if you want to help translating, if you have suggestions, feedback or want to support me in some other way.



I only took a quick look for now, but WOW!!! :smiley: This is awesome, thanks so much for the effort and for sharing :heart: I’ll have to learn all the tricks to search, looking forward to it :smiley:

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Seems neat!

Just a personal opinion here, the interface/queries are super hard for me to understand.

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  • Added German translation for UI and help
  • Minor changes to the help section
  • Input fields should now update when pasting on mobile Safari

@NerdieBirdie Sorry to hear :frowning:. Any idea what would help?

If there were some way to make the queries into buttons or something more user-friendly I think that would help a lot!

Wonderful. :+1:

I searched for traits: fortitude?impervious?sturdy?undying
Works beautifully to see all of the troops immune to poison.

May we have the ability to sort by Kingdom?

@rbchaffe Nice! Putting it on my todo.

@NerdieBirdie I’ll give it some thought. Right now I don’t really see how that could be accomplished without sacrificing flexibility :frowning:

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  • Added ‘Sort by kingdom’ and ‘Sort by type
  • Minor changes to icons, colors / font sizes for smaller phones
  • Small bugfixes
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  • Added ‘Match at least one color’.
    This is the color restriction mode used for Delves and World Events.
  • You can now browse weapons. Pretty rudimentary, though.
  • You can now paste team codes. Again, pretty rudimentary.

I opened the link and saw “917 results” for troops. But the game has 924 troops ATM. Something is missing?

And I also can’t see “Magic” for troops.

  • Sort order is now preserved between searches

Underworld treasure troops (6 in total) aren’t included. Leaves one missing troop - ‘Daemon Gnome’. Pinging @Lyya!

I’ll add ‘Magic’ with the next bigger update.

  • You can now search for exact order of terms using quotes. E.g.: “boosted by my” vs boosted by my
  • Bookmarks/links now include the last used sort order
  • Traits are now searched individually, reducing the number of false positives
  • Scrolling should be much faster
  • Misc changes & fixes