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Gems of War Sleuth - Advanced Troop Finder


The GoW Sleuth is an unofficial database for the match-3 game “Gems of War” based on Lyya’s GoWDB API.

Sleuth’s primary goal is to be a fast, more advanced alternative to GoW’s in-game search allowing for more complex queries.


  • Search results can be sorted and filtered by various criteria.
  • Search terms and categories can be combined in various ways.
  • Filters can be bookmarked and shared.

Links to example queries:

More details can be found in the ‘Help’ section on the website.

The interface is available in English and German, other languages were machine-translated.

Contact me on the forums or post in this thread if you want to help translate, if you have suggestions, feedback or want to support me in some other way.



I only took a quick look for now, but WOW!!! :smiley: This is awesome, thanks so much for the effort and for sharing :heart: I’ll have to learn all the tricks to search, looking forward to it :smiley:

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Seems neat!

Just a personal opinion here, the interface/queries are super hard for me to understand.

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  • Added German translation for UI and help
  • Minor changes to the help section
  • Input fields should now update when pasting on mobile Safari

@NerdieBirdie Sorry to hear :frowning:. Any idea what would help?

If there were some way to make the queries into buttons or something more user-friendly I think that would help a lot!

Wonderful. :+1:

I searched for traits: fortitude?impervious?sturdy?undying
Works beautifully to see all of the troops immune to poison.

May we have the ability to sort by Kingdom?

@rbchaffe Nice! Putting it on my todo.

@NerdieBirdie I’ll give it some thought. Right now I don’t really see how that could be accomplished without sacrificing flexibility :frowning:

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  • Added ‘Sort by kingdom’ and ‘Sort by type
  • Minor changes to icons, colors / font sizes for smaller phones
  • Small bugfixes
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  • Added ‘Match at least one color’.
    This is the color restriction mode used for Delves and World Events.
  • You can now browse weapons. Pretty rudimentary, though.
  • You can now paste team codes. Again, pretty rudimentary.

I opened the link and saw “917 results” for troops. But the game has 924 troops ATM. Something is missing?

And I also can’t see “Magic” for troops.

  • Sort order is now preserved between searches

Underworld treasure troops (6 in total) aren’t included. Leaves one missing troop - ‘Daemon Gnome’. Pinging @Lyya!

I’ll add ‘Magic’ with the next bigger update.

  • You can now search for exact order of terms using quotes. E.g.: “boosted by my” vs boosted by my
  • Bookmarks/links now include the last used sort order
  • Traits are now searched individually, reducing the number of false positives
  • Scrolling should be much faster
  • Misc changes & fixes

Only lightly tested.

  • You can now filter by troop roles
  • Bookmarks are much shorter now
  • Bookmarks containing characters outside the ASCII range should work now
  • Misc bug fixes

Note: I no longer test iOS <13

  • Terms containing whitespaces can now be combined with the ? (OR) operator thanks to the power of parantheses: true (“damage to the last”?“damage to the first”)
  • Weapon artwork has been added
  • Spell names have been added
  • You can now search for magic multipliers spell field > magic*
  • Search fields now auto-expand to accommodate longer queries
  • A breakdown by kingdoms, types, rarities and roles has been added

There were quite a few changes under the hood, I likely broke something.

  • The breakdown-view now lists percentages relative to your search results’ totals
  • The breakdown-view now lists mana colours
  • Minor changes and visual tweaks to card artwork