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Gems of war help

How do I change team on the game?

Do you mean, “how do I change the troops on my team” or “How do I choose a different team?”

To change troops on your team, go to the troop menu from the map screen, then select a team on the left hand side and when it is open, select a troop from the troop list and press “recruit”, then choose where you want to place the troop in your team.

To choose a different team to battle with, after you select PVP, explore, quest, etc., there is a screen that shows your teams on the left and the enemy team on the right. At that point, you can open your team list on the left and choose a different team to take into battle. (You can also edit teams from this point, which gets you back to the first question.)

Does that help?

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Maybe he mean change guild?

How did you move the team to play a different team

If you want to adjust the Troops on your team, select the Team in the list, and drag and drop the troops from the team selection menu. You can also select/tap/click on a troop and then tap ‘Remove’ to take them off the team.

Similarly, drag and drop troops from the right (where you can see different troops) to the team itself (on the left) to add them